Student Services Planning & Budget

Student Services Planning & Budget

Meeting Notes - January 20, 2010

Student Services Planning and Budget Meeting Notes
Wednesday, January 20, 2010
Registration & Student Services Conf. Rm.

Attending: Booye, Carrao, Glapion,  Hunter, Irvin, LeBleu-Burns, Marquez, Mieso, Moberg, Sellitti





Review Budget Decision Calendar

The Budget Decision Calendar was distributed and reviewed to make sure that everyone understands the process in place.
S. Cook shared that Senior Staff met and discussed the De Anza budget reduction proposal to be submitted to the district.  She asked everyone to review the calendar and discuss any questions with their manager.
Question - Which version of the budget was submitted?  S. Cook responded the budget proposal submitted  is where everyone takes a hit across the board.

S. Cook asked for feedback from the group on what their sense is of the budget reductions.  Comments:
 - Mieso mentioned clarifying the role and vision of the SSPBT to provide a clear purpose.  
 - Cook would like to discuss the number of meetings for the group.
 - LeBleu-Burns commented that the SSPT spends most of their time working on budget decisions.  
 - Marquez asked for clarification about the decision making process and the concern that the IPBT had more information than this group.
 - S. Cook responded that prior to arriving, managers had discussions with their staff and then shared the information and their decisions with her before she met with Senior Staff.  Senior staff reviewed the recommendations and the budget prior to submitting the list to the district.  
 - S. Cook plans to meet with SS mgrs to shape the discussions at the SSPBT meetings.
 - Moberg commented planning for the future is most important right now.  We need to work on how we are going to go forward with the budget reductions.
 - S. Cook mentioned how planning relates to Accreditation and our students.
 - LeBleu-Burns feels the real concern is how to provide services with less. Cook feels that is where the reorganization will help.  
 - Mieso thinks joint meetings with other PBTS to plan for whom we are going to serve, identify overlaps and share ways to help each other. S. Cook will work with CEP to address this and to make it happen.
 - Cook asked what the group’s understanding is of whom we are attempting to continue serve.  
 - Sellitti responded that based on the president’s wishes, we will continue serving under represented students. He mentioned using money donated to SPED to help EOPS with book loans
 - Sellitti and LeBleu concurred that students do not want to be labeled disabled and on the difficulty convincing them to consider DSS services.
 - Glapion shared that students are savvier today, ask questions and challenge more.
 - Marquez we need to present a united front with instruction to students.  Need to let students know the importance of the Student Services programs e.g. How do you register for classes?
Next steps –
S. Cook will discuss joint PBT meetings with the other PBTs.  
She will report back regarding President’s decision after the  DARE Task force has made their information/recommendations available.
Consider using the word realignment of Student Services instead of reorganization.


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