Student Services Planning & Budget

Student Services Planning & Budget

Meeting Notes-February 3, 2010

Student Services Planning and Budget Meeting Notes
Wednesday, February 3, 2010
Registration & Student Services Conf. Rm.
Attending: Booye, Carrao, Cook, Glapion,  Haynes, Hunter, Irvin, Marquez, Mieso
Guest:  Vicky Moreno


Item Discussion/Comments Outcome

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Committee Charge Priorities
































Realignment Recommendations



















Summary and items for the next meeting

SSPBT Co-chair

Cook commented that the last two weeks have been very stressful and that the reductions have affected every department in Student Services.  She acknowledges the stress that is happening and that there are resources available for help if needed.  More information will follow.

The following are comments regarding the SSPBT charge, priorities, Accreditation and SSLOs:
-acts an advisory group
-works on planning and budgeting both short and long term
-integrate information from group input
-members take information back to constituent groups via email, attend meetings and on the web site
-it is important that SSPBT requests are on the same level with instruction when new projects are discussed.
Irvin – (handout) Counseling Positions Justification indicating the difficulty in filling Counseling positions.
Cook – wants to make sure the SSPBT is clear about what we do as a group and Program Reviews.
Cook expressed concern that students do not know enough about SS and will make informing students of what we offer a part of our charge for the quarter.  
Haynes shared that criteria and timelines are most important, need common and unique criteria with IPBT.

Accreditation needs – SSPBT works on our planning process, based on learning services across the campus and information gathered.

Haynes - getting the word out about SS is a good example of an SLO.
Irvin provided a copy of the four competencies that students should have when they leave.
Haynes - future PRs will be based on SLOs, reviewing the core of a program and focusing on what the students should leave with.
Haynes – a part of the proposed SSLOs process is based on the Accreditation cycle (six years), there might be a mega PR due every five years with annual updates.

Marquez – recommended a PR campaign for SS, highlighting the teaching and WSCH generated in SS.
Cook – about the planning for the realignment, acknowledged the physical challenge of student services being spread out on the campus.  Everyone should take responsibility for a task and provide ideas for change before March.
Hunter – present SS with quantitative and qualitative suggestions starting with A&R using numbers from the Student Satisfaction Surveys.
Cook – one example of realignment is to combine the Transfer and Career Centers.
Cook - asked if members know of other colleges with a plan that we could share or borrow.

Vicky Moreno from Counseling introduced herself.  She would like to replace Shirley Kawazoe as the Counseling and Matriculation representative on the SSPBT.

For the next meeting
Review A&R and Counseling PRs – look for what we can do now/realignment, make recommendations for discussion then share as PR with rest of the campus.
Follow up on committee charge


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