Student Services Planning & Budget

Student Services Planning & Budget

Meeting Notes - February 17, 2010

Student Services Planning and Budget Meeting Notes

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Registration & Student Services Conf. Rm.

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Review Agenda


SSPBT Co-Chair






SSPBT Purpose & Charge











A&R/Co PRs

Meeting chaired by Howard Irvin.


SSLOs added to the agenda.



We discussed the open co-chair position and the duties and responsibilities of the co-chair. We then discussed the process that we would use to select the person. The position is designated as a faculty position. The Vice President will inquire as to the interest of any faculty member currently sitting on the team. If there is more than one person interested, a vote (secret) will be taken to make the selection.


We discussed the role of the SSPBT as a governing body. Discussion surrounded our being more actively involved in decisions affecting student services especially budget and positions.

A discussion was had about the make-up of the committee. Truly as well as Virginia produced documents regarding the make-up of the committee (team). It seemed that we were slightly off in our current make-up. The group was encouraged to research the various committee' make-up and to return to discuss the avenues of increasing membership should we decide to do so.


Jim Haynes discussed the SSLO process and encouraged participation in our respective areas.





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