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Staff Development Committee

2015 – 2016 Activities


During the Summer '15 Classified Leadership Retreat the senators and Executive Board approved the continuation of work on the Service Excellence Project for the Professional Development Committee for this academic year.


The committee will also continue to work on the following three topics, as time allows:

  • Safety
  • Communications Across the Campus
  • Career Ladders


The Classified Toolbox:
Skills Development Resources


Accreditation Demystified: How Classified Professionals Contribute To Accreditation With Their Expertise (PowerPoint pdf)


Speaking Up Without Freaking Out!

Article by Matt Abrahams
(managing speech anxiety)







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Professional Development Committee

  • Marilyn Booye
  • Mary Kay Englen, Co-Chair
  • Teri Gerard, Co-Chair
  • Paula Joseph
  • Heidi King
  • Marge Sainten
  • Sabrina Stewart


Meetings Notes


Reports to Classified Senate

Staff Development Committee
Contact: Mary Kay Englen
Phone: 408.864.8322

Last Updated: 3/10/16