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Email/ Calendar Conversion Project Update - April 27, 2012


Hello everyone,

Here is a quick update on our Email - Calendar Conversion Project.


We are planning to convert everyone over to the Web version of Exchange (with both email and calendar functionality) on or before July 10th. To accomplish this, we will migrate users in groups starting in early June. Once your group is converted, Exchange email (OWA) will immediately be available and should be used for all future email correspondence. All of your old email that resides on the server will be moved over and accessible on Exchange. Email that you have stored locally on your computer will continue to be accessible through your existing email client (Thunderbird, Eudora, etc.). Please note that your existing email client will not be able to access Exchange email.


Your Exchange calendar will also be functional as soon as your group is converted. However, since everyone will not have access to their new Exchange calendars at the same time, you should not use your Exchange calendar to schedule or view Juneearly July appointments until all groups have been converted, but continue to use Meeting Maker instead. Regardless, users who have access to their new Exchange calendars during the conversion period may populate their new calendars with ongoing appointments, ToDo lists, contacts, etc. in preparation for the switch to Exchange calendar usage. (Meeting Maker appointments will not be automatically moved into the Exchange Calendar and must be manually added to Exchange.) We will also provide you with information on how to access your past history of Meeting Maker appointments.

We have set up a Website at, which will contain current information to keep you up-to-date with the progress of this project. Check back often to view our project schedule, Frequently Asked Questions document, planning minutes, etc. and let us know if you have any questions.



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