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Information Technology Strategic Plan 2nd Draft


September 8, 2010

Technology Task Force Members:

Congratulations on working hard this summer to help update the priorities on the Information Technology Strategic Plan document.  As of today's meeting, we've finalized the 2nd draft of the ITSP.  Areas in yellow highlighting represent pieces of the document where changes have been made. 

We'll want to be sure Student Services takes a close look at Critical Issue 2 and that Staff Development looks at Critical Issue 4 as it's important that these areas have the opportunity to give their input.

The next Technology Task Force meeting will be on October 20th.  We will be reviewing the final draft at that time.  If you have any concerns with the document as of this 2nd draft, please SEND YOUR CONCERNS to Kevin in an email ( so he can update the final draft. 

If any substantive changes are made, those edits will be re-submitted to the entire group (but please see my reminder below).  After Technology Task Force has approved it, the ITSP will be presented at the next College Council for approval.

I know it feels like we're really moving fast on this one, so I'd like to again thank you all for your diligent work this summer.  Some of the accreditation self-study teams are already asking for the updated document, and we want to ensure they have sufficient time to digest it as they prepare the self-study.

Again, if you have any concerns at all (especially if you were unable to attend the meetings during the summer!) please send your comments/questions/concerns to Kevin.  Even though we're moving quickly on this update, we want to make sure every voice is heard.

As a final reminder, please remember that this is not a complete re-write of the ITSP, but rather an update to the priority lists.  There is nothing "set in stone" in this document that cannot be changed at a later date.  As with ANY strategic plan, the first goal of the planning process is to figure out where you are.   It's possible (and in some cases it may be likely) that some data will be out of date nearly as soon as we approve it.  As we move to implement the plan, it will become apparent where gaps exist and changes need to be considered.  Remember, a major goal of accreditation is to ensure we as a college are constantly evaluating ourselves.

Thank you again for all your hard work!

Kevin Metcalf

Technology Task Force
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