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Tech Task Force Vision & Plan and Accreditation Standards


Hi team,

As you will recall, we agreed to meet twice next month for an hour each on the first and third Wednesdays of November.  Next month's meetings will be November 4th and 18th at 2:30-3:30 pm.  We agreed to read the Tech Task Force Vision and Plan as well as the accreditation standards before our next meeting as a place to start planning our goals for this academic year.  Please give some serious thought to this task as you go through these documents and come prepared to discuss our priorities for the year.  Below are links to the documents.  See you then.


Here is another important note from our Accreditation docs for our next meeting.  I have pasted the part addressing technology below with a link to the full doc.  NB the last section, the forcast of where we should be by next visit.  I don't think we are even close to doing this so we should address this at our next meeting.

Technology Task Force
Building: ADM 153
Contact: Pippa Gibson
Phone: 408.864.8936

Last Updated: 11/2/09