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Meeting Notes - February, 2, 2012


1) Approval Of Notes December 1, 2011

The notes were approved.


2) UC Berkeley Selects Google Apps As Their Primary Email/Calendar Solution 

  • UC Berkeley Selected Google Apps
  • They used grids with criteria as analysis tool
  • Google Apps is a cloud application (hosted on their computers). There are questions on both sides of utilizing a cloud service.
  • Oracle communications Zimbra & MS exchange are being considered by FHDA as the replacement for Eudora & MeetingMaker. Yahoo is not as robust as the others and is not being considered.
  • Sandboxs will be set up – feature by feature analysis. Will be tried out on all platforms. Classified staff volunteered to participate in the sandbox tests.
  • Middle of February will come up with a selection.
  • Conversation email looks to be somewhat easily. Meetingmaker will be a challenge as it is a propitiatory system. It is likely that the Meetingmaker system will be archived and the new system will start from scratch.
  • Implementation will be done in phases. This first phase’s target date is scheduled to be June 30, 2012. Phase II will follow on.
  • Month long period of training in the new system.

ETS’ Email Survey Results:
396 respondents.
60% = junk filtering
50% = personal addresses/ smart search
40% = universal login password / easy to use interface
Devices: Personally owned computer/mobile phones

ETS’ Calendar Survey Results:
373 respondents
Day/week views
Repeating meetings
Available times look up
Devices: Personally owned computer/mobile phones


3) De Anza Web Report

Very informative data tool. Information is posted on the web site at:

Kahn used the “Google analytics” search engine.

  • Data was gathered from Sept. 1, 2011 – Jan. 3, 2012
  • Various data was reviews including;
  • Total number of “hits” 1187026
  • iPhone 40501
  • Android 26622


4) FF&E Status Update

Jeanpierre gave an update on the progress on reviewing the requests. The FF&E coordinator is still reviewing the requests and is separating them into the correct “pots” of money as per the Measure C spending regulation.


5) Quick News

New Scantron is running but needs beta testers. Its in Forum 6E.

ETS prioritization: Chancellor’s staff made one change to the list. The dental hygiene software was cancelled.

Four new requests have been submitted. They will be posted to the website for review.



Present: Dolen, Hui, Jeanpierre, Kahn, Lilly,  Pena-Ferrick, Qian, Rosenberg, Shannakian, Sherman. Notes: Gibson.

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