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Meeting Notes - February 7, 2013


1) Approve the Notes from November 1, 2012

The notes were approved with a change to paragraph one.


2) Desktop Virtualization Project Status Update

 Update given by Metcalf.

  • ETAC are discussing viability of virtualization
  • Will test in a lab environment first then consider extending DVP thin client instead of desktops to campus


3) Elimination of CD/DVD Drive Slot in iMac

Email form Sharon Luciw:

Jan 29, 2013

Apple has eliminated the CD/DVD slot/drive within the iMac all in one unit.  Right now most Instructor multimedia consoles have the iMac with Windows OS emulation.

As the existing iMacs age out, the question is, do we continue to standardize on the iMac for these instructor console computers?  Do we purchase external CD/DVD drives and try to find a way to secure them to the system so they are not easily stolen?

Do we tell the instructors they need to bring their own external CD/DVD drive w/ USB connection to connect to the iMac or tell the instructors to convert their content to a USB key/jump drive?

Or - do we slowly trade out the iMacs and replace with Windows operating system computers.  I'm not sure if there is specialty software out there anymore that requires the use of an Apple Computer.

With VDI, this may become moot, but that will take some time.

Since I am unable to attend next week's Tech Task-force meeting, please discuss and let me know if you have questions, concerns, or a recommendation.

Sharon Luciw
Director, Networks & Client Services

The team discussed the item noting the following:

  • Has the use of the CD/DVD been replaced by the use of USB drives? No. The biggest issue is in the labs but there is also a security issue
  • ETS researched options. The Standards committee has decided to include an optional external drive for personal computers.


4) Proposed Revision to the Technology Project Prioritization Process & Technology Project Prioritization Schedule - Spring 2013

To: TTF Tri-Chairs

At the next De Anza Tech Task Force meeting I would like to have a few minutes to discuss a proposed revision to the project prioritization process for technology projects. I have gotten a lot of input from folks throughout the district that our current process is well suited for large scale projects, but does not serve us well for very small, small, and medium scale projects. I am working on a multi-tier process proposal to, hopefully, streamline our project approval and prioritization process. I have presented this to the FH TTF and received positive feedback. I would like the DA TTF to review and comment.


This item will be tabled for the next meeting.


Technology Project Prioritization Schedule Spring 2013

February 8, 2013
Project requests submitted to ETS for analysis

March 1, 2013
ETS analysis complete Project requests available to Technology Task Forces for prioritization

April 26, 2013
Technology Task Forces submit prioritized lists to ETAC

May 8, 2013
Project sponsors attend ETAC to discuss requests ETAC develops combined project priority list

FH/DA/CS management review committee reviews combined project priority list Management system priority recommendation made to Chancellor’s Cabinet

June 4, 2013
Chancellor’s Cabinet determines final project priorities

My plan for the 13/14 planning year is to work with ETAC and the TTFs to establish and publish an annual calendar well in advance and to remain a year ahead of schedule in terms of posting the calendar.

Joe Moreau


5) Develop a Centralized Technology Training Plan that Addresses Faculty Training

 ACCJC Self-Study Planning Agenda

  • Jeanpierrre asked the team to gather documentation for our progress report for these planning items.
  • Define one place that employees can go to see what training is available.
  • Identify and assess what training is needed.
  • Should another planning group be set up to address faculty issues?
  • Be alert to and reminded of the planning agenda from the previous self study.
  • Ask Staff and Organization Development for an update on faculty training.
  • DL catalyst training & pedagogy
  • TRG Omni Update / Media & Learning Center training
  • SLO  team TracDat training
  • ETS  Banner and Outlook
  • ETS completed an assessment survey
  • TTF discussed implementing a training survey questionnaire. Institutional research and staff & organizational development will work on this project. Training needs assessment sub group will be Jeanpierre ,Metcalf, Lilly, Newell, Englen, Anderson.
  • Encourage a culture of peer assistance and training 
  • Update the present technology training web site
  • An audit exception on Materials Fees has resulted in the district eliminating them. Every quarter the accounts should zero out, but we have not been able to accomplish this. Materials fees have to have enduring value. Jeanpierre is meeting with each division to discuss options.
  • Idea for a central computer for each division to use which would have a lot of the additional programs that faculty would like to use i.e. Adobe Professional, InDesign, etc.
  • Discussion on how to continue to integrate the Information Technology Strategic Plan integrate into the colleges planning and budgeting initiatives.

College should look to move faster. RIF $36million cut from the budget in the last few years.

Technology Enhanced Learning Group.


6) Continue to Integrate the Information Technology Strategic Plan into Campus Planning and Budgeting Initiatives

ACCJC Self-Study Planning Agenda


7) Quick News




Present: Dolen, Hui, Chenoweth, Spatafore, Owesnski, Shannakian, Qian, Metcalf, Lilly, Jeanpierre. Apologies: Moreau, Luciw. Notes:Gibson


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