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Technology Task Force

Meeting Notes - February 13, 2014

Present: Byron Lilly, Kevin Metcalf, Marisa Spatafore (co-chairs); Wayne Chenoweth, Tom Dolen, Brandon Gainer (new faculty member), Richard Hansen, Cecilia Hui, Letha Jeanpierre, Marty Kahn, Michele Lebleu-Burns, Sharon Luciw (ETS), Cheryl Owiesny, Joan Pena-Ferrick, April Qian, Lorrie Ranck (new administrator member), Dennis Shannakian, Chien Shih (ETS), Koosha Seyvani (new student member), Carolyn Wilkins-Greene; Vanessa Smith (notes), Henry Burnett, Carol Lashman, Jayme Johnson (guests)


Continuing and new members and guests introduced themselves.

Review of charge and role of TTF

The item was briefly discussed.

Approve the notes from June 6, 2013

Notes were approved with two corrections: the consistent rendering of "Clockwork" as singular and the characterization of the recent technology survey as a training survey, specifically.

Review technology project approval and prioritization process

Luciw explained various roles and steps in the approval and prioritization of technology projects. Chenoweth asked who relays TTF prioritization and other actions to ETS. It was noted that ETS managers, including the vice chancellor, are typically in attendance. In addition, Spatafore said that, as the administrator co-chair, she would take responsibility for reporting actions to ETS if no one from that area is present.

Chenoweth inquired regarding Clockwork project implementation. Shih explained the procurement history and noted that the item would be submitted for board of trustees' approval on March 3.

Library PC reservation tool

Dolen discussed PC Reservation as a tool to increase efficiency in the library. In response to a query from Lilly, he noted that although many students have laptops, the labs are still busy. New software would give staff more time to interact with students. The goal is to roll out the software for fall quarter.

Shih raised the possibility of PC Reservation as a districtwide tool. Discussion ensued regarding who manages Foothill labs; it is not the library. Kahn asked if the software is ADA compliant, why the particular product was chosen, and whether there is a one-time fee or annual costs. Johnson suggested that he and Dolen work together on compliance. Dolen noted that the product is suitable for both Macs and PCs and discussed cost.

Kahn proposed prioritizing the project as "I" (important). Shih agreed. Jeanpierre recommended approval and the use of the De Anza College lab as a pilot without waiting for symmetry between the two colleges. Luciw suggested testing in the summer. The committee approved by consensus the action of prioritizing PC Reservation as an "Important" project and proceeding with the pilot project.

Proposal to create Technology Enhanced Learning Subcommittee

On behalf of the three co-chairs, Spatafore proposed creating a Technology Enhanced Learning Subcommittee of TTF, noting that establishing a body devoted to the topic was a recommendation of the Technology Enhanced Learning conference in 2013. Also on behalf of the chairs, Spatafore recommended that new dean of Learning Resources Lorrie Ranck serve as chair of the subcommittee. Shannakian moved to create the subcommittee; Kahn seconded and the action was approved. The subcommittee will be further discussed at the next meeting.

Overview of OEI

Guest Henry Burnett, the grant's director of strategic planning and operations, showed video of Vice Chancellor of Technology Joe Moreau speaking of the importance of online educational opportunities at the 20 Million Minds Foundation conference. Burnett then delivered an overview of OEI goals, planning and next steps, including staffing. General discussion ensued, including about the frequently asked question of which platform(s) will be used. Johnson said that existing software could be used or a new platform could be built. Updates to TTF on the project will continue.

Future Agenda Items

In light of limited remaining time, Spatafore asked that suggestions for future agenda items be sent via email to any or all of the co-chairs, who would discuss the proposals when developing the agenda for March and following months.






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