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Technology Task Force

Meeting Notes - March 6, 2014

Present: Byron Lilly, Kevin Metcalf, Marisa Spatafore (co-chairs); Wayne Chenoweth, Brandon Gainer, Richard Hansen, Cecilia Hui, Letha Jeanpierre, Marty Kahn, Joe Moreau, Joan Peña-Ferrick, April Qian, Koosha Seyvani (student); Vanessa Smith (notes)

Call to Order

Lilly requested to add a discussion of the online tutoring tool, Smarthinking, to the agenda.

Smarthinking online tutoring tool

Qian explained the capabilities of Smarthinking. The tool is currently being tested, with plans to go live on April 7. This tool will be supplemental to on-campus tutoring, which is not available for all classes and open only at specific times. Students will be capped at seven hours per quarter to start.

Kahn asked if the program is only licensed for one year. Qian responded yes, but it can be renewed. Kahn also asked if any success criteria have been established for deciding to renew. Qian answered yes, evaluation will come through surveys, number of hours used and other obtainable data.

Chenoweth asked about cost and whether Foothill uses Smarthinking. The cost for the first year is less than $20,000 for 800 hours. Moreau explained that Foothill uses a different service, but wants to look at Smarthinking because it syncs with MyPortal.

Jeanpierre asked if this tool will be used as part of OEI. Moreau said it is a possibility, but several options will be explored and may be offered for different needs. Hui asked if students must sign up in advance. Qian said that a technical solution allows students to sign up as needed.

Spatafore commented on the quality of Smarthinking and how it meets accreditation demands. Jeanpierre praised the tool’s efficiency and specificity.

Approve the notes from February 13, 2014

Notes were approved with no corrections.

Educational Technology Advisory Council mission revision process

Moreau described the need to redefine ETAC to better meet district needs. ETAC should operate as more of a strategic discussion group and work more closely with both colleges' respective technology committees.  ETAC will come back with ideas and feedback. The Council hopes to revise the mission this academic year and have it in place for fall.

OEI Update

Moreau and his team have posted the job announcement for Executive Director. It will be open until filled; review of applications begins April 8. The Executive Director will participate in the search for the rest of the team: Chief of Academic Services, Chief of Student Success and Director of Academic Planning.

About 25 people have been appointed to the OEI Steering Committee. The first meeting is April 4 in L.A. A town hall meeting on April 9 will be webcast. On April 10, some members including Moreau will present at the statewide Academic Senate meeting.  

Agenda topics for April 3

On behalf of the co-chairs and in view of requests from other committee members, Lilly because of spring break and the start of classes, Lilly proposed changing the date of the next meeting. Gainer suggested April 17. All agreed.

Desktop backup solutions

Kahn asked if desktop backup should be a districtwide project. Moreau said there must be a comprehensive solution, and both technology committees can figure out the needs on their respective campus. Moreau said that Sharon Luciw needs to be involved in the conversation.

Chenoweth asked if there has been a discussion about mobile solutions. Peña-Ferrick said there are efforts to develop a mobile app for students to look at their accounts and register for classes. Discussion ensued about the district’s overall support for mobile devices. Moreau said several projects are in the pipeline for BYOD. Metcalf suggested moving forward by defining uses cases and proper applications of the technology. Kahn seconded. More discussion to come.

Agenda items had already been identified for the April meeting, when relevant presenters would be available. Any additional or future items should be sent to the co-chairs.

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