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Meeting Notes - March 07, 2013


Approve the Notes from February 7, 2013

The notes were approved.


Call Center Tracking System - the DELL KACE Appliance

  • DELL KACE.Inventory, assets, updates, tracking system, projects/processes, dependencies. Remote support for windows.
  • Web based system.
  • Superusers to help to test the new system.

Agent software will be attached to each computer starting in the labs to enable automatic software updates and patches. Based on what type of computers and what systems it uses. e.g. will avoid the current Java software update problem INB users are experiences. Streamline assistance. Each lab will have the appropriate updates for the equipment.


Materials Fee Discontinuance Solutions 


  • Click on the link on ETS web site for a full details.


  • Capture provided ID cards. New ID card system will be simpler and cheaper. Revised ID card will go to a mag strip card with a couple of items of data. It will have the ability to cancel the card if it is lost. It should also facilitate a card swipe for attendance purposes. 
  • Printing has been directly linked to the ID card. Decouple printing from the card. Considering whether to continue to use GoPrint or to switch to another vendor. EPrint is a widely used vendor ETS currently researching. There may be some cost savings with this vendor. More research will be done in terms of where and how we might expand print services. Materials fees will provide an incentive to review need on a case by case basis. Decisions will be made by Fall quarter 2013.


Proposed Revision to the Technology Project Prioritization Process

Moreau presented handouts and asked the team to review and comment on proposed streamlined process to make the technology project prioritization process more manageable.


Faculty Website Migration from Manila

Kahn and Ceballos presented the information and status update on this project.

  • Approx 160 manila faculty web sites will need to be migrated to Omniupdate now that the district is making it a district wide standard. This will allow for unlimited licenses.
  • Course Studio is a light version of a WCMS. Catalyst is also used on campus. Docutec is also going away.
  • Web sites are an opportunity to address the discontinuance of Materials fees.
  • Ensure that web sites are easy and clear for students.
  • Web team is working on a mobile web site.


Technology Surveys

Newell presented this item as a part of the ACCJC Self-Study Planning Agenda


Quick News


  • Build a server infrastructure that will house 10 – 100 virtual desktop computers. Liberate a lot of our place bound software from one location. Access through a browser. FH have launched a pilot test. Business and Computer systems are interested in testing this environment at DA. Potentially save money and provide more customizable environment and reduce labor. Large demo is planned in a couple of months. Researching if there is enough time to equip ATC with this equipment.
  • Request for a sub group to work with faculty to decide that their needs are.
  • Proposal to have FH & DA to work together on this project as both colleges will be facing the same issues.
  • Technology Enhanced Learning. Focused on technology in learning.

Elimination of CD/DVD Drive Slot in iMac

  • Correction to information that the Standards committee had decided to include an optional external drive for  personal computers. This has not yet been determined.
  • Request for a sub group to work with faculty to decide that their needs are.
  • Proposal to have FH & DA to work together on this project as both colleges will be facing the same issues.


Quick News



Present: Ceballos Chenoweth Dolen  Kahn Lily, Spatafore, Luciw, Shannakian, Pena-Ferrick, Moreau, Metcalf, Oswenski, Qian Notes: Gibson Apologies: Jeanpierre

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