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Meeting Notes - March 16, 2011


1) Approve Notes from February 16, 2011

The notes were approved.


2) Proposed Process for Requesting/Prioritizing New Technology Projects - cont.

The role of Technology Task Force (TTF) was defined in the Technology Task Force Vision approved by College Council in 2007. Items 2)  3)  5)  & 6).

Lilly introduced the item by reviewing the outstanding issues from the last meeting. The group continued working to define the De Anza prioritization process. The team discussed the merits of the following options in detail:

  • Option 1) TTF recommends to College Council. College Council recommends to senior staff. The President makes the final decision for the campus.  
  •  Option 2) Deans/ managers bring to the PBTs and VPs then to Campus Budget and TTF. Recommendations go to College Council and then the President.

Sherman shared ETS’ updated proposed process for submitting requests. He distributed a draft handout named IT Project Request Form Instructions (DRAFT). These documents had been through 6 iterations. The goal was to keep the form and process simple. The process would cover both impacts/benefits to district and costs associated with the project. The two proposed forms that requestors/ETS would use are called  IT Project Request Form and IT Project Evaluation tool.  A manager must approve the form. For the purpose of this process, ETS considers a manager to be a director or above. This process covers all new projects (Measure C and other funding sources).

There was a discussion regarding if the proposer of the project would go to TTF or ETS first or if there should be parallel discussions. The team decided that proposers could choose either option. They could present to TTF first to get feedback and assistance with completing the request form or they could just complete the request form and send it directly to ETS. In all cases, a completed and signed IT Project Request Form must be completed and submitted to ETS by the primary proposer.

An ETS call center ticket is more for fixing equipment than for requesting new technology or equipment.

Requests would be for New IT equipment or new IT functionality.

FF&E has it’s own process.

A diagram of the different types of request processes would be helpful.

This would be a good tool for TRG to adopt and update for their prioritization process.

3) Web Technology Comparison & Recommendation of Application

Qian requested that TTF recommend and assist with distributing the information on the web site  to the campus. The goal is to have a central place to share information and to show some of the major functionality for each online tool. Grobman requested that “turn-it in” be added to the comparison chart.

TTF encourages all employees to use district supported software.


4) Quick News





Present: Englen, Grobman, Jeanpierre, Kahn, Kaur, Lilly, Qian, McFarland, Metcalf, Mowrey,  Sherman.  Notes: Gibson.

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