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Meeting Notes - April 20, 2011


1) Approval of Notes March 16, 2011

Notes were approved


2) DASB ID Card Presentation

This agenda item was primarily scheduled as a test case for the proposed new tech request process. However, during the introduction to his item Cognetta told the group that this project is already on ETS’s prioritization list as “Universal ID “and is prioritized as ‘critical’. Cognetta then presented his request for an updated DASB ID card system. He stated that improved functionality and cost reduction were the main reasons for this request.   Sherman informed the group that there are other projects also listed as “critical’ that are closely related to the ID card request. ETS are working on ways to integrate these other projects (district wide locks & PCI compliance) with the ID card request. It was acknowledged that each of these projects was very large in scope and that much research still had to be done. 

Sherman advised the group that ETS would meet with project requestors who already had projects on ETS’s list in order to complete the evaluation tool that was a part of the new process.

Sherman also shared with the team that ETS (along with most other departments) have been asked to make another large budget reduction which will further hinder their ability to move forward on projects.


3) Proposed Process for Requesting/Prioritizing New Technology Projects - cont.

Lilly asked for agreement to use the proposed process previously discussed. TTF would offer the role of consultants for the campus and as the prioritization committee for periodically reviewing projects on ETS’ master list.


The team agreed with Lilly's recommendation that TTF would play two roles in the new process.  First, TTF would be available as a "sounding board" for De Anza faculty or staff with a new project idea or request.  Second, TTF would offer its services as the prioritizing body for De Anza projects in the new District-wide process that ETS is in the process of finalizing.  Our understanding of that process is as follows:

  1. Requestors complete the electronic online form named IT Project Request Form.   
  2. The completed form must be sent to ETS from a manager’s computer to satisfy the need for managerial support for the project. For the purpose of this process, ETS considers a manager to be a dean/director or above.
  3.  ETS adds the project request to their master list
  4. ETS meets with the requestor and completes the  IT Project Evaluation tool
  5.  ETS sends copies of the newly requested De Anza projects to TTF for review
  6. ETS will periodically request TTF to re-prioritize the master ETS list for De Anza projects
  7. The prioritized lists from De Anza, Foothill and central services will be taken to a new district wide prioritization group for prioritization at a district wide level.
  8. This district wide prioritized list would then be forwarded to chancellors staff for final prioritizing.

ETS is still finalizing the forms and the web site that will host the information.

Requestors could present to TTF first to get feedback and assistance with completing the request form or they could just complete the request form and send it directly to ETS.

This process covers all new new IT equipment/systems or new IT functionality projects regardless of funding sources. Examples of recent projects that would go through this process are, Tracdat, Parscore, DASB ID card.

This process does not cover any refresh equipment such as desktops/laptops/printers/etc. These are handled through the FF&E process. 

The following concerns were raised by TTF members regarding the proposed process:

1. Whether TTF has adequate breadth and balance of representation to be the prioritization body for De Anza projects.

2. What someone would have to do to become or remain a "member in good standing" of TTF; that is, to have the right to vote on project prioritization.

3. Whether the tri-chairs always each have a vote on project prioritization, or whether they can vote only in the event of a tie.

These concerns will be placed on the next TTF meeting agenda for further discussion.


4) District's Technology Plan

The plan is on the web site for review and will go to the Board in May 2011 for approval.


5) Quick News




Members: Dolen Grobman Jeanpierre Kahn  Metcalf  Oswenski  Qian Sherman. Guests: Swanner Cognetta Leblu-burns Notes: Gibson  

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