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Technology Task Force

Meeting Notes - May 3, 2012


1) Approval Of Notes March 22, 2012

The notes were approved.

FSATLAS: Marilyn Cheung would present information at the June 7th TTF meeting.

Mobile Devices : Developing DA mobile website Fall Quarter. Streaming.  

2) Advocate Demo

Web based information management tool for student development to manage student judicial affairs events and monitor student behaviors.

  • New vision ID card partners with Advocate
  • Advocate is a hosted solution
  • 1000 College Institutions. All UC's, San Mateo CCD, Senate offices, US gov., edu & GSA. FBO
  •  Presently only supported within the USA
  • Works on any browser
  • All work backed up nighty. Nightly batch file exchange. Flat file imported
  • ADA compliant
  • DSS solutions
  • database MYSQL
  • Report writers argos integration is possible
  • Encripted
  • Training = implementation team onsite or online
  • Student interface availability
  • Multi campus environments available but not recommended unless very similar.
  • Audit trail
  • Reporting
  • Efficient
  • Information sharing
  • Formal process increasing
  • Common apps
  • Government clearances employment
  • Investigators
  • Court
  • Many more questions/ incidents/ stress issues/ concerns now than before


$3500 - $7500 per  year

$1500 -  one time set up fee

Includes annual license fee, software, support & maintenance 

Price based on "Buckets". College is likely to be in one of the lowest price brackets

  • Department can fund
  • Looked at other companies = Maxient - no "care" function. 
  • Maximum surplus contract
  • Below bid treshlold
  • Might still need three quotes
  • Student Development ave done official IT project form

Quick News

Wayne Chenoweth is back!

IPBT did not complete FF&E prioritization.



Present: Michelle LBB, Cook, Jeanpierre, Kahn,  Metcalf, Pena-Ferrick, Lilly, S. Rueda, Sherman, Englen, Cleroweth, Hui, Qian. Notes: Gibson.

Technology Task Force
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