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Technology Task Force

Meeting Notes - May 18, 2011



1) Approve notes from April 20, 2011

The notes were approved.


2) Final Approval of Process for Requesting New Technology Projects

Lilly introduced the item and reviewed the progress from the last meeting. After the team reviewed and discussed the process one more time they approved the Process for Requesting New Technology Projects  for submission to College Council.

Discussion on TTF member voting rights:

  • Faculty schedules change from quarter to quarter which should not prohibit them from being a member.
  • Can members  read the proposals online and give input to members without being at the meeting?
  • Should the tri-chairs be the only members to vote?
  • Formal request to be a TTF member and be listed as a member.
  • Must request to be a TTF member for the current year. Have to have fully attended one meeting in the current or previous quarter.
  • Member of good standing.
  • Tri-chairs always vote.


3) Demo: WEPA Wireless, Kiosk Based Printing for Students

WEPA: wireless everywhere print anywhere. Two representatives from WEPA presented their product and reviewed its capabilities as follows:

  • Blackboard.
  • Cloud based printing. Students can hold print jobs in cloud for 24 hrs.
  • 2-3 year agreement.
  • Print numbers presented are based on information from the library printers only. Would replace “go print”.
  • Can be integrated with copiers.                 
  • When not in use can scroll campus messaging.
  • Kiosk can have a campus “skin”.
  • WEPA employee to manage kiosks. Maintenance/breakdowns/toner/paper. Like to use students on campus model.
  • Can integrate a student card as user ID.
  • 0.20c credit card transaction fee.
  • Can populate with student emails but it is not necessary. Contractually sign off that emails will not be sold or used for any purposes. Discussion on whether a user ID would work instead of an email address. Does need an email address.
  • De Anza bounce back email rate is approx. 2-4%.
  • Students can download drivers from the De Anza web site.
  • One case of paper and multiple toners inside kiosk.
  • Indoors with Ethernet cable.

The team thanked WEPA for their presentation.


4) Quick News

Beth would bring questions regarding smart classrooms to the next meeting.

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