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Meeting Notes - May 20, 2009

1) Approval of Notes March 18, 2009

The notes were approved.
Update on the Wireless Phase II installation was requested. Rosenberg requested to have the installation complete in the S quad by fall quarter 2009

2) Fujitsu Update

Kahn gave a status update with the aid of a powerpoint presentation. Approx. 50 units were showcased at the League for Innovation and have now been disbursed to faculty/deans. To date, approx. $209K has been disbursed and $290K is still available. The tablets are being used in many innovated ways. Fujitsu are assisting with the training. Intent to build a training and support web site. Suggestion to ask recipients to train two other users. Model selection is important. Applications for machines are still being accepted. Fujitsu are willing to offer us anything from their product line. Foothill has requested some tables.

3) EIS Update

Shih reported the current implementation schedule of EIS and gave an overview of the status of project history and future key milestones.

During the discussion the following was noted:
There would be improvement in faculty and student associations. Lumins (Portal) is a good resource and will take care of a lot of these associations and allow for collaboration with OmniUpdate.

  • Luminis team should ask faculty for feedback.
  • Real-time integration and will allow us to transcribe the current legacy interface into Banner. Luminis has both a closed and open system. Demonstration on Luminus was requested.
  • EIS Finance go-live & load testing is underway. Preparation is very organized.
  • Three tier system
  • Sept. opening day informational session?
  • Finance will be in production in June 2009
  • Luminis will  go live after June
  • After more testing in June, Finance will go live in July
  • Will use paper until the fully automated system is live
  • Backup docs will be scanned into the system
  • LiquidOffice will be fully integrated into Banner
  • HR will be online in January 2010
  • Look at what is available in Banner to satisfy the requirements of the PSME tutorial centers
  • Banner does not require a high level of programming but details are still to be investigated
  • Concern about training. District is creating online video training modules.
  • Disaster recovery center (San Diego) will be live in Summer 2009.
  • Shih talk about the true hidden cost of a "rogue server". Task force understood the concept, but there is pressure from the instructional support staff and faculty to serve the constituents quickly. This topic may need further discussion in the future


4) Faculty Co-Chair for 09-10 year

The item was not discusses due to lack of time.

5) Burning Issues
Mowrey attended the Teaching & Learning Workshop. Faculty are confused by what resources are available. Learning Resources dept have volunteered to put information on their department web page. Mowrey will work with Technology Resources Group & Staff Development. Agenda item for opening day?

Power outages - Mowrey is concerned about the scheduled power outages and what impact they will have on the Library server. Shih told her ETS is conducting a power protection study for the Data Center. There is a pro & con side of moving her servers just for the power outage. Further discussion was suggested.

Omni Update - TRG considers FTP server download at De Anza campus a security risk. The Task Force discussed building of faculty pages and the Library Learning Resource page. OmniUpdate runs into budget and license count issues with the proposed build up of the web pages. Shih mentioned De Anza should seriously consider the Luminis capabilities which provides integrated administrative capabilities for both faculty and students. The discussion change to the pro and con of open vs close system, with Shih mentioning that there may be a hybrid solution between the De Anza web page and Luminis contents.


Present: Creamer, Ceballos, Dolen, Kahn, Mowrey, Rosenberg, Shih. Notes: Gibson.

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