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Meeting Notes - June 6, 2013


Approved notes from March 7, 2013

Notes were approved with one correction.


ETS De Anza Prioritization of Technology Projects


In terms of projects that have been submitted to the De Anza Technology Task Force, to the best of my knowledge there is only one - Clockwork - that needs to be approved.  However, in terms of considering how to prioritize it, the TTF will probably want to be aware of the following District-wide projects that are already underway and will continue throughout this summer - almost all of which have a September 1 due date. Of course, there are many other projects underway this summer.  Listed above are the ones that most directly impact the ETS resources required to implement a project like Clockwork.
Joseph Moreau
Vice Chancellor, Technology
Foothill-De Anza Community College District

Critical = ASAP


Nice to Have


Haynes briefly explained that Clockwork is a database scheduler and an integrated management tool designed to meet the needs of DSPS services. ETS reviewed the request and determined that this is a need that cannot be provided by any other systems on campus. Foothill are on board with wanting this system. Clockwork can not be a cloud based app. Needs to be an a local virtual server.

It has a scheduling function like SARS but confidential accommodation letters to faculty. It will be used by 1600 at De Anza unduplicated head count. 90 days implementation. plus a further 60 days of work to make it fully functional.

Mira Costa is a beta tester and are willing to share the information they have with the college.

The team prioritized the Clockwork project as I for important.

ID Card System Replacement

New Student ID will be rolled out in September 2013. New card system will allow for student to sign in to classes. This new card will accommodate the EPrint system. Photo and info will be tied into Banner. New ID dashboard for departments to use. Can be used in Health Services, counseling etc. Mag stripe readers will be available.

Student pay for print system replacement

E-Print System. This system is in airports hotels and conference centers. It has been widely used in the educational environment. It is not bound by location. It is cloud based. ATM style printing kiosks can print color. Uses the student ID card. No cost to the district once minimum amount of copies are reached. GoPrint data was used to determine reasonable usage. Can add more stations if required. Vendor provides kiosks, maintenance, printer hardware and expendables but not paper. College is adding a small markup to cover cost of paper.

Student self-service payment plan implementation

A new fee payment installment plan though TouchNet is being launched.

"Pay to Stay" fee policy implementation

Fall registration starts July 22, 2013. Pay To Stay will to be ready until closer to September 1, On that date the College will do one drop.

OmniUpdate enterprise license upgrade

Course prerequisite family implementation

Turn It In

Moreau recommended using the League contract for Turn It In. It is charged by FTES so there is no saving if De Anza waits for Foothill. Under the League contract is will cost $1.83 per FTES.

New ETS Project Management System KACE

The new system will have an automatic work flow. It will also allow for status updates. Project has been prioritized in the FF&E measure C funding requests as Critical.


Technology Task Force Survey

Here are the results of the technology training survey. Please let me know if you would like any changes.

I will be posting a copy on the IR website, but I will be removing the names of people that are interested in providing training. I will make any suggested changes before posting.

Thank you,
Mallory Newell, Ed.D.
College Researcher, Institutional Research and Planning


Annual Governance Assessment Survey

They took it last year in the pilot, now it is going out to all governance groups.


Develop a Centralized Technology Training Plan that Addresses Faculty Training

Continued discussion from February 7, 2013 meeting.


Continue to Integrate the Information Technology Strategic Plan into Campus Planning and Budgeting Initiatives

ACCJC Self-Study Planning Agenda



Quick News

Thanks to the team for all the work over the last year and enjoy the summer break.



Present: Booye, Chenoweth, Dolen, Englen, Ferrick, Hansen, Haynes, Hui, Jeanpierre, Kahn, Lily, Moreau, Oswenski, Qian, Rosenberg,  Spatafore. Notes: Gibson.

Technology Task Force
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