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Meeting Notes - June 07, 2012


1) Approve Notes from May 3, 2012

The notes were approved.


2) Outlook Migration Update

Sharon Luciw:
  • Super uses – pending migration 6/8/12.
  • ETS – migrated already.
  • Exchange user guides
  • Videos
  • Right click.
Fred Sherman:
  • Convert key beta testers first
  • ETS users – 2 problems out of 68
  • Super users will be converted second
  • Single sign on – through banner
  • Light version  –  simplified version. not same functionally
  • Use Safari or IE
  • Department/ Division – Searchable directory


Faculty – June 30th Conversion

  • Mac safari
  • OWA Chrome – no
  • Crosswalk – on ETS website.

July 9th 

  • MMK will no longer work
  • Desktop migration prioritizations:  Administrators;  Admin Assistants;  1st in.



3) ISP's Tech Prioritization Items 

-       CCC Apply does not have all the features ISP would like.

-       CCC Apply may be able customize the service


4) Quick News

The team said a fond farewell Fred Sherman and thanked him for his service to the district and on the committee.


Present: Marilyn Cheung, Angela Cabellaro de Cordero; Dolen; Ferrick; Cecelia Hui; Kahn;  Metcalf; Joseph Ng,  Sherman; Notes: Gibson.

Apologies: Lily

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