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Meeting Notes - June 15, 2011



1) Approve Notes from May 18, 2011
Notes were approved.

2) Various Technology Questions.

Here are questions from the Language Arts faculty about smart classrooms and technology for discussion at our next meeting. Beth Grobman.

1)    How soon will all of the Language Arts classrooms be smart classrooms?

L-quad rooms are in top 15 of the priority list. L3, 6, 7 early July. Summer L31, 32, 34, 35, 36, 75. Summer break L62, 63, 64, 65. Fall L43, 82, 83.

2)    How soon will all campus classrooms be smart classrooms?
Approx. Summer 2012.

3)    What is the priority list of building smart classrooms?
L first other classrooms next. MLC when it comes online. 69 smart classrooms only 20 left to do as of February 2011.

4)    Is there anything we can do to speed up the process? (Some instructors say that if it takes, say, a week or two to install, they'd be willing to hold classes outside during that period).
Dependent on staffing capacity, swing space. Classrooms will be down for 1 week to upgrade. Lab refresh.

5)    If money from Measure C is available to build the classrooms, why can't more be completed when classes aren't in session in late August and early September? If it is because of district staffing, can we hire an outside vendor to come in to install them between summer and fall sessions?
Purchasing, design and layout, site visits, install schedule, one multi-media engineer district wide. Design repeatability. Ease of use for faculty.

6)    Is it possible for faculty who generally use specific classrooms to have input into design of those classrooms, so they can explain their needs? If possible, to whom/how should we communicate this?
Engineer meets with the deans and/or users to understand the needs. Faculty should be involved in the design. Currently faculty participation is low on the Technology Standards Team. Luciw stated that ETS will be revamping the hardware/software standards committee and request that TTF reps attend future meetings. College’s decision on how the classrooms will be set up. L48 is the specific classroom being referred to. Faculty could get together and discuss their standard requirements for the types of classes being taught and pass their comments to their deans to be used for feedback and planning. TTF could be involved in gathering information.

7)    Does everyone responsible for smart classrooms know how very desperate Language Arts instructors are for smart classrooms?
They do, which is why they were prioritized highly.

8)    What is the maintenance process for smart classrooms?
Staffing limitations. Costs. Budget reductions will further restrict ETS capability to move quickly. Customization will lead to wait time.

Questions about other technology issues:

1)    Can classrooms that now have just blackboards be updated to have whiteboards while they are waiting to be smart classrooms?
Blackboards are built into the wall and very difficult to remove.

2)    What kind of orientation process is there for distance learning students? Is it required? Can we have input? How?
Orientation happens with individual classes. Faculty can decide if/how to do an orientation. Distance learning doesn’t do a generic orientation.

3)    How do new faculty members get Web pages and help with creating them?
Contact the webteam from the link on the De Anza web site.

4)    How can faculty members who are less-abled, weak or elderly get help to haul their (self-purchased) computers, projectors, speakers, cords to the classrooms and set up?
Not as far as we know.

5)    Can Catalyst be improved to give students reliable information about their current level of performance before grade day?
Depends on how the faculty set up catalyst. Contact distance learning.

6)    The SLO website has idiosyncrasies -- where can these be reported and would they be fixed if reported?
Data from SLOs is being transfer to Tracdat. Implementation and training for Tracdat should be complete in fall.

7)    How do we get access to online grades/email addresses of former students prior to the Banner system -- the records that were on the old Portal system? They appear to be lost and there was no notification of how we can find them. Or are they gone?
Sherman will research?

8)    What is the process to get trained (or better trained) on Banner?
Susan Malmgren?


3) Review this Year's Work & Plan Next Year's Agendas
This item was postponed due to lack of time.


4) Quick News

Membership for AY11/12. Members should advise their intention to serve by either emailing or attending the first meeting of the AY 2011-12.



Present: Dolen, Englen, Grobman, Hein, Hui, Kahn, Kaur, Lilly, Luciw, Metcalf, Mitchell, Oswenski, Pena-Ferick, Qian, Shannakian, Stasio. Notes: Gibson



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