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Meeting Notes - July 14, 2010


1) Approve Notes from June 16, 2010

The notes were approved.


 2) Review of Technology Plan

Continuing work on updating tech plan. Metcalf would like to finalize the updates to the tech plan by the end of the summer in order to present the proposed updates to the governance groups in fall 2010. The team agreed to review the document point by point with a time limit on discussion to ensure progress would be made. Items that require more discussion would be identified for follow up after completion of the first revision.

Metcalf captured the team’s input in the attached documents. DATP2010-markedup-for-2010-07-14. DATechPlan2010-Modified-2010-07-14.

Discussion on section 2 was postponed as there was no student services representation at the meeting. Stacey Cook would be invited to the next meeting.


3)  Accreditation Update
Jeanpierre reminded the team the importance of continuing to work on Accreditation.

4) Develop Measure C Technology Request / Prioritization Instrument
Jeanpierre requested the team begin developing an instrument for departments and divisions to request tech equipment. The document would be used as a tool to assist in prioritization. Program reviews will be updated this year and much of the information within these documents would drive the tech requests.

Jeanpierre advised that the district were perusing a Parcel Tax of approx. $7M. A part of the process is to list the uses for the dollars. The money should be considered as ‘one-time’. It is important to consider the total cost of the project. Both the chancellor and new vice chancellor of business services are interested in distance / mediated learning.

Englen asked if there is any interest in exploring the Infosource learning tech skills assessment tool?  The team agreed to have a sub group meet to review a demo later in the year.


Present: Hansen, Englen, Jeanpierre, Kahn, Kaur, Metcalf, Qian, Wilkins-Greene. Notes: Gibson

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