Sunken Garden

Technology Task Force

Meeting Notes - August 4, 2010

1) Approval of notes from July 27, 2010.

The notes were approved.

2) Approve Updated Fujitsu Application Form
Kahn asked the group to review the document and send feedback to him.  The document will be approved at a future meeting.

3) Continue Review of Technology Plan
Metcalf gave a quick review of the progress so far and the team continued the review. He captured the team’s input in the attached document which is marked up with yellow meaning changes and green meaning discussion tabled for now.

4) Quick Notes


Present: Grobman, Jeanpierre, Kahn, Kazempour, Luciw, Metcalf, Qian,F. Sherman,
Wilkins-Greene. Notes: Gibson.

Technology Task Force
Building: ADM 153
Contact: Vanessa Smith
Phone: 408.864.8948

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