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Technology Task Force

Meeting Notes - October 20, 2010


1) Welcome & Introductions

The team introduced themselves.

2) About the Committee

The team reviewed the background, purpose and vision of the committee.

The team decided to brainstorm for a list of the 4 or 5 top technology needs of the campus and make them a priority of the TTF for the 2010-11 year with a goal of finding practical solutions to these problems. 


3) Approve the Notes from Sept. 8, 2010

The notes were approved.


4) Accreditation

Jeanpierre updated the group on the progress of the Std III groups: Finance, H.R. Physical Resources, & Technology. She thanked Metcalf for spearheading the update of the  Strategic Technology Plan 2010-13 through the summer.

Metcalf introduced the item by informing the group that he has incorporated some more updates into a 4th draft. He shared the 4th draft with the team which would be posted to the web site. The team discussed various parts of the document including: user feedback/lessons learned, library involvement in the integration of information literacy, etc. Metcalf captured the further edits and would incorporate them into a 5th and final draft of the plan. The group approved the submission of the 5th draft of the plan to College Council for approval.


5) Committee Co-chair

Faculty have a somewhat different role in a shared governance group than classified staff and as such a faculty member co-chair may be a requirement for the TTF. The team discussed and agreed that they would like to try having three co-chairs (tri-chairs) for the 2010-11 year. 


5) Burning Issues

McFarland reported that the  IT innovation summit to address the ever expanding roles of curriculum was a huge success with close to 500 people attended. This year the focus was on accounting and business. Next year they would explore a larger conference with nursing, environmental & green systems being added to the agenda.

Qian’s online conference would not be held due to scheduling issues.  

Furniture Fixture and Equipment dollars covers technology as well. Jeanpierre reported that there is $6M in requests from the current program review documents.

Lack of wireless availability is still a matter of concern. Kahn would send the latest wireless deployment schedule to the team to post on the web site.

Eudora and MeetingMaker are outdated and most people on campus do not use (like to use) these systems. Although there have been discussions on switching to different systems no decisions have been made yet.


Present: Dolen, Grobman, Jeanpierre, Kahn, Kaur, Qian, McFarland, Metcalf, Mitchell, Oswenski, Rosenberg, F. Sherman.  DASB: Edison Gian, So Cho. Notes: Gibson

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