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Meeting Notes - October 20, 2011



1) Welcome & Introductions

The team introduced themselves


2) About the Committee

Jeanpierre reviewed the role, activities and charge of the team.


3) Results of Presentation Process for Requesting/Prioritizing New Technology Projects - College Council Agenda Item

Lilly presented a PowerPoint flowchart named College Council’s Response to our Proposed Process for Requesting/Prioritized New Technology Projects. College Council asked for clarification on ETS’ role in the process. They offered the following suggestions on changes to the flow chart. 1) condense the upper right three ETS boxes to one box incorporating all the information; 2) add two further opportunities for senior staff to review the requests. College Council also discussed having every request go through TTF, but Lilly and Metcalf explained that this would likely be burdensome to requesters as TTF only meets once a month during the regular sessions; TTF does not have budget to allocate, and TTF would have to duplicate ETS work which would be both time consuming and redundant.

The result of the presentation was that College Council requested changes 1) & 2) be made to the flow chart and then be resubmitted for approval.

During a general discussion to clarify and finalize the flow chart the following point/recommendations were made:

  • TTF is a gatekeeper for De Anza technology projects
  • The President has the final decision on prioritizing the projects and this will determine the criticality of the project
  • ETS requested the flow chart reflect that all forms be submitted to the approved email address only (the actual email address would be added to the flow chart)
  • Add a line to the IT Project Request Form offering TTF assistance
  • Concern about the TTF’s role. TTF is task force not a governance group. TTF is an advisory group to College Council
  • The role off TTF would be clarified at the next meeting


4)  Effective Committee Member Checklist

This item was postponed due to lack of time


5)  Approve the Notes from June 15, 2011

Notes were approved


6) MLC Equipment Needs

Kahn presented a PowerPoint named Measure C FF&E Phase II MLC – TRG Request. Kahn gave an overview of Technology Resources Group (TRG) scope of work and explained how the services they provide (e.g. college web site) closely aligns with the mission and goals of most of the departments on campus. The group supports the whole campus. The TRG’s funding request is for the Mediated Learning Center (MLC) building and therefore for the whole campus not just for the TRG group.

MLC will not be a replacement for the servers in L7. MLC’s server space will only support approx. 30 servers. De Anza’s MLC network will be in a secure environment.

TRG would have to design equipment specifically to budget. Space has been allocated and specifically designed for this type of equipment but no new/replacement equipment was budgeted for in the original design and construction of the building.

 The reality is that all programs are facing sever budget cuts.


7) Measure C FF&E Phase II Requests

Jeanpierre talked in detail about the Measure C FF&E Phase II dollars, referring to the information posted on the web site. She reviewed the approved process for requesting new dollars and highlighted how requests should be provided. The deadline for requests is November 10, 2011. It was noted that faculty input was valuable and that faculty should have the opportunity to participate in prioritizing their division’s requests.


8) Quick News

Technology Requests: Sherman passed out a document with the latest data on existing technical requests. He asked the team to be ready to prioritize this existing list as soon as possible.

It was noted that the items in Table 3 had not been started so could be downgraded. Projects that have already been started would not be ‘bumped’ by other projects.

Accreditation Team Visit Oct. 24-27, 2011 - information sharing

Facebook & iPad User Groups - this item was not discussed due to lack of time.



Present: Breault Dolen Ehle Hew Jeanpierre Kahn Luciw Metcalf Mitchell Qain Pena-Ferrick Rosenberg Shannakian Sherman. Notes: Gibson

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