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Technology Task Force

Meeting Notes - November 1, 2012


1) Welcome & Introductions

The team introduced themselves and the returning members welcomed Joe Moreau who replaced Fred Sherman as Vice Chancellor, Technology.


2) About the Committee

Jeanpierre reviewed the role, activities and charge of the team. Metcalf reviewed De Anza's vision for technology which the team then discussed.

Moreau shared his thoughts on technology and invited discussion on 1) what technology changes have had a great impact on our campuses and our ability to serve students and 2) what  two or three actions items should the campuses focus on this academic year.

The team offered the following observations and solutions:

  • MLC is open and ATC is undergoing renovations
  • Clarify the structure of who does what on campus
  • How do we continue to do all the things we currently do throughout the campus with fewer staff and resources.
  • Network - lack of integration of campus resources
  • applications
  • many lab spread out over the campus
  • Improve faculty confidence in technology
  • develop a new system of technical support - project teams, ETS vs. TRG
  • TTF should focus on faculty & staff training, mobile devices to improve student access, prioritization - ETS/TRG


3) Approve the Notes from June 7,2012

The notes were approved with the correction that the committee approved ISP's proposal to be placed on the ETS technology prioritization list.


4) DSPS Clockwork Scheduling Solution Request

This item was presented by Jim Haynes, Marilyn Booye and Benita Rashall. They discussed the project and similar projects such as SARs/ESARs (counseling FH & DA); Tutor Trac (SSC); Advocate/Symplicity (EOPS).

The team recommended the item be forwarded to ETS to be placed on the prioritization list.


5) Measure C FF&E Update

Appointments are being set up with each division team to review the requests and explain the process.


6) Quick News

Fujitsu computer grant has been exhausted. The final funds were used to setup two classrooms in the MLC building.



Present:  Chenoweth, Dolen, Englen, Ferrick, Hansen, Hui, Jeanpierre, Kahn, Metcalf, Moreau, Owesny Rosenberg, Shannakian, Spatafore DASB: Quandji, Cynthia, Ching, Calvin. Notes: Jeanpierre





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