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Meeting Notes - November 3, 2011


There was a smaller than usual turnout at the meeting due to illness and a conflicting district meeting.

1) Approval of Notes from October 20, 2011

The notes were approved.


2) Deans Requested Date Change For Measure C FF&E Deadline to December 1, 2011

Measure C FF&E deadline changed from November 10, 2011 to December 1, 2011.


3) Prioritization of IT Projects Under The New Process



As there were so many apologies for the meeting the team did not feel they could prioritize the list until more members arrived. The team agreed to discuss the procedure in general and discuss some ‘test’ projects. Once Rosenberg, Kahn & Dolen arrived the team agreed upon the following:

Banner Waitlist Direct Insertion: Sherman advised that the “Banner core code” would have to be updated for this project. Such updates should be done by Sungard Banner. The team changed the project rating from "?" to “I”.

Hazmat Material Training For Inspectors: Sherman advised that it would use the same shell and tool as currently exist. Why can’t this type of project be outsourced? It would take more time to train someone than to do the project. Consensus was that it would take 4 “man-days”. State compliance is important. The team changed the project rating from "?" to “C”.

Life Safety – Managed Locks: Sherman advised that it would be a wireless system provided by Ingersoll Rand Security Technologies. Would be a large engineering/design effort to upgrade the old locks to accommodate the new system. Scope of the project would need to be clarified.

DASB Email Accounts. This item was discussed approx. 5 years ago at TTF and there was no support. Approx. 1 year ago ETS did a survey and 80% of the students who responded said they would not use an account. The team did not change the rating of this project and it remained as “N”.

Mobile Devices: Projects are not well defined by the requestors. It is very difficult to bring the most-up-to-date technology to the whole college. The De Anza web team have making a website that can be viewed on a mobile phone as a high priority.

Banner Workflow: Sherman explained that it is an additional module of banner that can be purchased. It had a high priority at the start of Banner. It would track where documents are. It’s a major implementation project. The team did not change the rating of this project and it remained as “I”.

Banner Student Installment Plan (CashNet): CashNet is no longer being considered. Other vendors are being researched. Its an ongoing project and doesn’t not need to be prioritized.

Universal ID: Currently the college uses a couple of different systems. The original intent was that the DASB card had universal functionality. ETS are Looking at WEPA consoles & Go-Print web based printing but there are problems with both systems. The team did not change the rating of this project and it remained as "C".

Unified Messaging: Sherman explained that this was a massive project. It would require the conversion & installation of many new systems and the whole district would have to be training. This project would take approx. 1 year of resources. The team did not change the rating of this project and it remained as "C".

Sherman will get together with the three technology task force teams (De Anza, Foothill & CS) after the first cycle of prioritization to further refine the process.


4) Quick News

The old portal will be shut down on November 18th.

Brief discussion on Measure C FF&E versus other Measure C funding.


Apologies: Englen, Hui, Jeanpierre, Mitchell, (Dolen & Kahn would be late)

Present: Lilly, Pena-Ferrick, Metcalf, Qian, Rosenberg, Shannakian, Sherman, Wilkins-Greene,. Kahn & Dolen (late) Notes: Gibson.

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