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Meeting Notes - November 5, 2008

Dolen introduced Slater Ohm from Fujitsu. Ohm reported that the Fujitsu tablet trainings were well attended and the attendees were well engaged. Dolen thanked Ohm for the donation of tablets and the trainings.

1)    Approval of Notes from October 8, 2008
The Notes were approved with one clarification.

2)    Instructional Web Services Support On Weekends
Mitchell raised a concern that was shared among others in the group that the manila server had been ‘down’ most of the weekend and that many faculty and students could not access critical information for classes. He reminded the group of the importance of the server being functional and of having adequate technical support resources in the event there was an outage. He emphasized that instructional teaching/student resources were a critical and a core component of the College and requested that keeping the servers online be a priority. Luciw explained in detail the notification and escalation process for problems but acknowledged that ETS were not informed of this particular outage. Luciw would investigate the issue to see where the problem arose and why ETS were not notified. Luciw would also work to put a fix in place so this would not occur again. The team discussed the various on and off campus servers, where they are located, which services they provide, the technical support limitations, possible resolutions to server outages, and ways to communicate the status of problems with staff and students during an outage.

3)    Luminis: Calendaring, Email & Sign-on
Creamer advised that the sign-on would be a link from “My De Anza” which would open a separate page.

After some discussion on calendaring and email for Luminis, Luciw shared her thoughts that the team should focus on what features and functions were required for calendaring and email rather than the technical aspects of a selection. A further discussion ensured which resulted in a general consensus that more direction was needed from the Luminis team.

4) Quick Updates
Kahn reviewed the progress on the Fujitsu tablet application process. Clarification was still needed in some areas, including who could apply for a tablet.  Kahn would work to resolve these issues. Luciw reminded the team that the distribution of these machines would need to be prioritized along with all the other De Anza requests. Currently, ETS are planning the Spring installations.

Present: Creamer, Dolen, Elvin, Jenkins, Kahn, Grobman, Luciw, Mitchell, Mowrey. Note taker: Gibson.

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