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Meeting Notes - November 17, 2010


1) Approval of Notes from October 20, 2010

 The notes were approved.


 2) Approve Nominations for Tri-Chairs

Kevin Metcalf was nominated and approved as the classified co-chair representative. So far, the Academic Senate have not been able to find a faculty representative but the search would continue.


3)  Prioritization of ETS Project List

F. Sherman introduced the item by giving some background on the goals of ETS with regard to the prioritization of projects.

The handout reflected the larger projects only. The items with the “x” reflect the “other projects” section of the pie chart.

Sherman explained the process of how the prioritization list will be approved. The list was devised by ETS and is being presented to both campuses and senior staff for feedback. ETS would then review and add their input. The document would then be forwarded to Chancellor's staff for final approval.

To add projects to the list a statement of work with a process should be emailed to  ETS.

Based on conversations from both campuses Jeanpierre shared the projects that the senior staff considered important.
  • ParSystem  (scantron)
  • SLO database (tracdat)
  • Cashnet (higher one)
  • Universal ID card

Sherman shared with the group the feedback he had received from both campuses:

  • Wireless
  • L7/A8 Gig connection
  • Single sign on
  • Unified messaging
  • Asset Management
  • Foothill GIS downgraded
  • KJ’s satellite is considered done
  • Video production will be outsourced
Anderson / Lee-Wheat clarified the SLO database (tracdat) project.

B. Lily explained the ParSystem (scantron) system.

Student Email. ETS survey showed that 82% of students would prefer to use their own email account. In Banner each student must have a unique email address in order to register.

Metcalf and Sherman spoke to the Unified Messaging project.

The team made the following projects top priority:
  • ParSystem (scantron)
  • SLO database (tracdat)
  • Cashnet (Higher one)
  • Unified Messaging
  • Universal ID card
  • User Data Storage


4) Accreditation Update

Standard III will have a first draft by December 17, 2010.

The Technology survey is posted on the ETS web site at:


5) Quick News

Grobman raised a concern regarding poor communications in general and specifically the old portal system being unavailable. Feedback from committees like TTF will hopefully help to alleviate such situations.


Anderson, Dolen, Grobman, Jeanpierre, Kahn, Kaur, Lee-Wheat, Lily, McFarland, Metcalf, Qian, Sherman, Notes: Gibson

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