Information for Graduates

Congratulations on your upcoming graduation from De Anza College! We hope you will celebrate this major milestone by participating in the commencement ceremony on Saturday, June 28, from 9-11 a.m. in our newly renovated Stadium.

Important Notes

  • No high heels are permitted on the field. Only flat shoes are allowed. This is to protect the new turf that was part of the renovation, funded through community-paid bonds.
  • Graduates will be seated on the field. Guests will be seated in the bleachers.
  • All attendees should come prepared with sunscreen and water, and guests should consider wearing a hat as well.
  • Please make sure you know from which academic division you're receiving your diploma, as you will line up by division to march onto the field at the beginning of the commencement.

On Graduation Day

  • Please arrange for your family or friends to look after your personal items until after the ceremony. Do not carry anything with you. You will not be returning to the same seat after receiving your degree.
  • Arrive for lineup by the Planetarium no later than 8:30 a.m. on on June 28. Allow time to find your division, fix your gown, cap or hair, and relax and enjoy yourself. The graduation ceremony will start at 9 a.m. sharp.
  • Volunteers will provide you with name cards to complete. Print your name as you would like it to be announced. Make sure you print clearly, and if necessary, write your name phonetically to help us with pronunciation.

Cap and Gown

  • Your cap and gown may be purchased at the De Anza Bookstore for $52.95, which includes a diploma cover and tassel.
  • Heritage stoles are available at the Bookstore for Latina/o, African American and African graduates, as well as for grads who are from, or whose families are from, the countries of China, Japan, the Philippines, Taiwan, Thailand or Vietnam. A limited number of the heritage stoles are currently in stock. Additional orders, and special orders for many other countries of origin, may be placed before June 18. All heritage stoles are $29.95.
  • If you're borrowing a cap and gown from a friend, you must purchase a diploma cover and tassel ($23.50) in order to have these items at the ceremony.
  • A very limited number of caps and gowns are available for loan through the Bookstore. Drop by for details. The loaner caps and gowns must be returned.
  • Please hang up the gown prior to graduation day to remove wrinkles. If you wish to iron any remaining wrinkles, use the lowest possible setting.

Graduating with Honors

The Office of Admissions and Records has provided the Bookstore with a list of students graduating with honors. Only those on the list will be eligible to wear the honors sash, which can be purchased from the De Anza Bookstore for $17.39.

Disability-Related Accommodations and Questions

Volunteers will be available to help with disability-related questions, and sign language interpreters will be present. If you require captioning, please contact Disability Support Services (DSS). For further information or assistance with special needs, please call DSS at 408.864.8959 (V) or 408.864.5650 (TDD).

Final Notes

  • If you have questions about your status as a graduate, drop in to the Counseling and Advising Center to meet with a counselor/advisor.
  • Pre-printed commencement announcements and invitations are available for purchase at the Bookstore.

Building: ADM 150
Contact: Paula Joseph
Phone: 408.864.8758

Last Updated: 3/27/14