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The courses offered at the off-campus HOPE-De Anza sites are listed in the De Anza College Course Catalog under SPED with course numbers above SPED 200.  Students who enroll in these courses must be participants in the HOPE-De Anza program. For information on enrolling in a HOPE-De Anza program, see About Hope.

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SPED 230 Vocational Interests and Aptitudes117-18

SPED 230R Vocational Interests and Aptitudes217-18

SPED 230S Vocational Interests and Aptitudes317-18

SPED 230T Vocational Interests and Aptitudes417-18

SPED 230U Vocational Interests and Aptitudes517-18

SPED 230V Vocational Interests and Aptitudes617-18

SPED 230W Vocational Interests and Aptitudes717-18

SPED 230X Vocational Interests and Aptitudes817-18

SPED 230Y Vocational Interests and Aptitudes917-18

SPED 230Z Vocational Interests and Aptitudes1017-18

SPED 231 Workforce Skills117-18

SPED 231R Workforce Skills217-18

SPED 231S Workforce Skills317-18

SPED 231T Workforce Skills417-18

SPED 231U Workforce Skills517-18

SPED 231V Workforce Skills617-18

SPED 231W Workforce Skills717-18

SPED 231X Workforce Skills817-18

SPED 231Y Workforce Skills917-18

SPED 231Z Workforce Skills1017-18

SPED 232 Workplace Culture117-18

SPED 232R Workplace Culture217-18

SPED 232S Workplace Culture317-18

SPED 232T Workplace Culture417-18

SPED 232U Workplace Culture517-18

SPED 232V Workplace Culture617-18

SPED 232W Workplace Culture717-18

SPED 232X Workplace Culture817-18

SPED 232Y Workplace Culture917-18

SPED 232Z Workplace Culture1017-18

SPED 233 Professional Conduct117-18

SPED 233R Professional Conduct217-18

SPED 233S Professional Conduct317-18

SPED 233T Professional Conduct417-18

SPED 233U Professional Conduct517-18

SPED 233V Professional Conduct617-18

SPED 233W Professional Conduct717-18

SPED 233X Professional Conduct817-18

SPED 233Y Professional Conduct917-18

SPED 233Z Professional Conduct1017-18

SPED 234 Civic Responsibility117-18

SPED 234R Civic Responsibility217-18

SPED 234S Civic Responsibility317-18

SPED 234T Civic Responsibility417-18

SPED 234U Civic Responsibility517-18

SPED 234V Civic Responsibility617-18

SPED 234W Civic Responsibility717-18

SPED 234X Civic Responsibility817-18

SPED 234Y Civic Responsibility917-18

SPED 234Z Civic Responsibility1017-18

SPED 235 Transition to Campus117-18

SPED 235R Transition to Campus217-18

SPED 235S Transition to Campus317-18

SPED 235T Transition to Campus417-18

SPED 235U Transition to Campus517-18

SPED 235V Transition to Campus617-18

SPED 235W Transition to Campus717-18

SPED 235X Transition to Campus817-18

SPED 235Y Transition to Campus917-18

SPED 235Z Transition to Campus1017-18

SPED 240 Assistive Technology Access Evaluation0 1/217-18

SPED 245 Assistive Technology Access (Windows)217-18

SPED 290X Assistive Technology Access Practice0 1/217-18

SPED 290Y Assistive Technology Access Practice117-18

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