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Intercultural Studies Department

Faculty & Staff


Edmundo Norte, Dean of the Intercultural/International Division
MCC- 14A Hours: TBA

FACULTY A-E F-J K-O P-T U-Z (alphabetized by last name) STAFF (see list)

Joel Franks, PT Instructor: Intercultural Studies
TBA Hours: by appointment
• Web site:

Ruben Abrica-Carrasco, FT Instructor:  Intercultural Communication, Chicano Literature
Office: MCC 14G Hours: TBA

Tamika Brown, PT Instructor:  African American Studies, Women Studies
Office:            Hours:

Catie Cadge-Moore, FT Instructor: Multicultural Art
Office: A-44 Hours:  Sabbatical
408.864.5683 • Web site: 

Michael Chang, FT Instructor: Asian American, Intercultural Studies
Office: MCC-14C Hours: by appointment
408.864.8878 or 408.921.7171

Soo Ho Choi, PT Instructor: Asian American, Intercultural Studies
Office: TBA Hours: by appointment
408.864.5700 x6290

Helen Fan, PT Instructor: Intercultural Studies, Mandarin
L62 Hours: by appointment
408.864.8999 x3388

Larissa, Favela, PT Instructor: Intercultural Studies, Speech
MCC- Pod 11 Hours: TBA

Jorge Guevara, Emeritus Instructor: Latino Studies, Intercultural Studies

Ebenezer Hunter, Emeritus Instructor: African-American Studies, Intercultural Studies
Office: MCC-14 Hours: By appointment
408.864.3999 x 3402

Meghan Kensler, PT Instructor: American Indian & Intercultural Studies
Office: MCC 14D Hours: TBA
408.864.8999 x3397

Anu Khanna, FT Instructor: Intercultural Studies
Office: FOR2i Hours: by appointment 

Duane Kubo, Emeritus Instructor: Asian American Studies
Office: MCC-14 Hours: by appointment
408.864.3999 x 3406

Mae Lee, FT Instructor: Asian American Studies, Intercultural Studies
Office: MCC-14B Hours: By appointment and T- 2:30-3:30pm, W- 12:30-1:30pm
408.864.8973 • Web site:

Ethan Lee, PT Instructor: Asian American Studies, Intercultural Studies
Office: MCC-14 Hours: TBA

Piper Mcnulty, PT Instructor: Asian American Studies, Intercultural Studies
Office: MCC-14 (Pod 11) Hours: by appointment • Web site:

Sherwin Mendoza, PT Instructor: Asian American Studies, Intercultural Studies
Office: MCC-14 (Pod 10) Hours: by appointment

Carlos Mujal, FT Instructor: Intercultural Studies, History
Office: F31L Hours: by appointment

Nancy Olsen, PT Instructor: Multicultural Arts, Cultural Anthropology, Archaeology
Office: MCC-14 Hours: TBA
408.864.8999 x3411 
• Web site:

Gerri Parker, Emeritus Instructor: Native American Studies, Intercultural Studies
Office:           Hours: TBA
408.864.5448 • Web site: 


Intercultural Studies
Building: MCC-14
Contact: Jo Ann Okabe-Kubo
Phone: 408.864.8769

Last Updated: 7/10/14