Basic Skills Research

This research will map the flow of students from entry, assessment, placement, basic skill enrollment and success at the collegiate level in math, English, Reading, and ESL. A focus on the beginning of the "funnel" will help us understand how many students are being "lost" at the college because they do not assess or do not follow the assessments. In addition, the analysis will test the assumption that students following basic skills assessment advice are more likely to succeed at the collegiate level. This data could then be used to inform future students of the value of the College assessment process. The data may also lead to suggestions for changes in policy regarding the timing of assessments.

Information on De Anza's Basic Skills Initiative (web page)

Monthly Progress Reports
March 2009 (pdf)
April 2009 (pdf)
May 2009 (pdf)
June 2009 (pdf)
July 2009 (pdf)

Basic Skills Research Proposal
Basic Skills Research Proposal (pdf)
Fletcher Basic Skills Research (pdf)

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