De Anza College - State of the College Graphs

Thanks to Bob Barr for his graphing support and expertise!

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De Anza College 2009 State of the College Graphs
De Anza College Fall Headcount Trend
De Anza College ARCC Student Progress and Achievement Rate
De Anza College Fall to Fall Persistence by Ethnicity
De Anza College Fall to Winter Persistence
De Anza College Percent Successful in Basic Skills Courses
De Anza College Fall Course Success and Retention Rates
Santa Clara County Population and De Anza Fall Headcount
Santa Clara County June High School Graduates Enrolled at De Anza
Santa Clara County Adult Population and De Anza Student Ethnicity
Fall Headcount by Ethnicity
Asian Fall Headcount
Fall Headcount by Gender
Fall Headcount by Age Group
FTES by Division
Total Fiscal Year Full-time Equivalent Students
Online Education Enrollments
Transfers to UC and CSU
Transfers to UC, CSU, Private and Out-of-State Colleges
Transfers to UC by Ethnicity
Transfers to CSU by Ethnicity
Associate Degrees and Certificates Awarded
Associate Degrees Awarded by Ethnicity
Certificates Awarded by Ethnicity
Course Success Rates-College and State
Course Success Rates by Division
Course Success Rates by Ethnicity
EWRT100B Success Tracking
LART100 Success Tracking
MATH112 Success Tracking
Course Success in Categorical Programs
Grant Revenues
Grant Revenues by Source
Employees by Occupational Category
Staff Development Workshop Attendance
Full-time Equivalent Students (FTES)
WSCH and Budget Productivity Trends
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