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iClicker Information

Improve classroom interactivity and assess student knowledge with a click!

iClicker is a device that allows you to quickly poll students in class to better assess their understanding of your material. The controls can sit on top of a PowerPoint presentation, or be used as part of a standard lecture.

The DARE/BSI grant purchased eight sets of iClickers that are now available for check out in the library.

iClicker Workshops


Non offered during Winter 2017 quarter.


 How Does iClicker Work?





Benefits of Using iClicker


User Guides (PDF files)


iClicker Software


You can download the software directly from the iClicker website.

Check-Out/Use Procedure



Step 1

Visit the Reserve Desk in the Library. You will be given a set of classroom clickers, an instructor's kit and a USB drive that contains the iClicker software. Note: If you will be using a personal laptop on the classroom to run the software, you don't need the USB drive. You can download the software on this page (below).

step 2


If you don't have a laptop/will be using the classroom computer, keep the USB drive the library gives you. This is yours until you no longer wish to use iClickers. Run the software off your laptop or thumb drive, not on the classroom computers.


step 3

Use the iClickers in your class. Return them to the library when you are finished. Retain your USB drive if you plan to check out the iClickers again. These thumb drives contain the student data collected during your iClicker session.







Last Updated: 3/22/17