Media and Learning Center north entrance

Media & Learning Center

Building Layout and Classroom Locations

1st Floor

Two anthropology classrooms (MLC 101 & 102); Two 100-seat general classrooms (MLC 103 & 105); Six 50-seat general classrooms (MLC 108-113)

First Floor Layout of MLC
2nd Floor

Student Lounge at top of east stairs to the south; Technology Resources Group office and TV studio (MLC 210); Videoconferencing conference room at west end of building; Staff and Organizational Development office (MLC 240) and lab (MLC 243); Distance Learning office (MLC 250) and classroom (MLC 255); Two 50-seat general classrooms (MLC 260 & 270)  

Second floor layout for MLC

Media & Learning Center
Building: MLC
Contact: Donna Jones Dulin
Phone: 408.864.8209

Last Updated: 4/25/14