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ACCJC Reaffirms De Anza College Accreditation

The accreditation of De Anza College was reaffirmed by the Accrediting Commission for Community and Junior Colleges (ACCJC) at its January 2012 meeting. The college will provide ACCJC with a Follow-Up Report in October 2012 and host commission representatives on a subsequent visit to the college.

The reaffirmation of accreditation follows a multi-year process in which the college conducted an intensive Self-Study process and produced a comprehensive report. An Evaluation Team visited De Anza College in October 2011.

The team cited six areas of commendation in its Evaluation Report:

  1. The Foothill-De Anza Board of Trustees for its clear understanding of its role and for its commitment to student-centered leadership and decision-making

  2. Environmental stewardship, including through Environmental Studies program, the Kirsch Center for Environmental Studies and the Cheeseman Environmental Study Area

  3. The De Anza Associated Student Body (DASB) for its active participation in governance, as well as its financial contributions to student learning programs

  4. The college administration, faculty, staff and student leadership for "passionate pursuit of fostering and supporting diverse ethnic, cultural, religious, economic and other life experiences that constitute the fabric of the college community," and for infusing cultural competence as a core value

  5. The Office of Staff and Organizational Development for its professional development programs

  6. Management of major facilities construction and the resulting physical environment

ACCJC's recommendations are that:

  1. The college mission statement clearly identify the intended student population for whom the college will provide programs and services.

  2. The college systematically evaluate the newly implemented integrated planning, assessment and resource allocation model, and evaluate the model for its effectiveness in improving programs, services and student learning. The commission recommended that at the appropriate point in the cycle, the college should assess is evaluation processes.

  3. In order to reach the "proficiency" level established by the commission, that the college accelerate the implementation of its Student Learning Outcome (SLO), Student Services Learning Outcome (SSLO) and Administrative Unit Outcome (AUO) assessment cycles at all levels. The commission stated that the college should assess the effectiveness of the processes. It concluded: "Additionally, the college is reminded that the standard requires accredited institutions to include 'effectiveness in producing learning outcomes' in the evaluation of faculty and others directly responsible for student progress toward achieving stated student learning outcomes."

The full text of the commission's Feb. 1 action letter to the college and the Evaluation Report are available at Foothill College, which similarly received reaffirmation of accreditation and will produce a report and receive a commission visit, will post their ACCJC letter and Evaluation Report at

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