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Flint Garage Closed for Renovations

The Flint Garage is closed for renovations, including seismic upgrades, and is scheduled to reopen in fall 2017. All other lots and the Stelling Garage are open as usual.

Temporary use of the soccer and baseball fields has been discontinued, based on an analysis of demand and parking patterns. Here are some tips for parking until the Flint Garage reopens.

  • A valid parking permit will be required for all lots. 
  • The same number of accessible parking spaces will be available across campus. The 11 accessible spaces in Flint have been moved to the J lot.
  • As always, citations will be given for parking in accessible spaces without a valid placard, and in red zones and fire lanes. Local merchants may also cite for parking in their lots.
  • Consider carpooling with a fellow student or colleague. Read more about carpool spaces on campus

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  • Faculty and staff are strongly encouraged not to park in student spaces, especially during peak class times. 
  • The Eco Pass is available to all De Anza employees. Visit the Office of College Life during regular hours, and show staff ID or give your CWID.
  • Thirty-minute parking is still available for quick errands. After 30 minutes, you will be ticketed. 


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Last Updated: 7/12/17