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Components of Catalyst System

The Catalyst System has 3 major components:

  1. The Catalyst Live Server
  2. The Catalyst Development Server
  3. The Catalyst Maintenance System

1. The Live Server:
The Live Server is where you actually teach your classes to enrolled De Anza students.

2. The Catalyst Development Server:
This server is a unique space for faculty training, course development and maintenance.
  • Training. You can enroll in Catalyst training courses on the development server, practice in a Sandbox course shell to test out the Catalyst tools.
  • Course development. After training you can request a Master Shell to build a course.
  • When you are ready for the course to go live, your Master Shell can be transferred to the Live Server as a Live Course with student data.
NO enrolled De Anza student data is ever placed on the development server.

3. The Catalyst Maintenance System:
The Catalyst Maintenance System lives on the development server and is the BRIDGE between the Development and the Live Catalyst Servers. Think of this as your virtual scheduling center. When you reach the homepage of the Catalyst development server, click the link for the Catalyst Course Maintenance System or the Activation Request System, as needed. You will need to reserve a virtual classroom (a course shell) for your use. If you don't reserve it by the specified deadline, you will not have the classroom. It is where you will make requests including
  • new master course shell(s) to build classes in
  • activation of master shell(s), which means to migrate them from the development to the live server for teaching live in a quarter
  • your live course(s) content data to be backed up for future use

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