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How to use eMail list

eMail list is a course-level communication tool that allows you to send and receive emails without having to go out to a separate email application.

See MoodleDocs for eMail

Starting Fall 2009, Catalyst, De Anza's installation of Moodle, will use eMail list instead of InternalMail or Messages. The latter 2 applications caused confusion among users and were not well functional.

Here's how to use eMail list:

  1. In your course page, if you don't already have the eMail list as a block on the left or right navigation column, add the block. To do this you will need to click the Turn Editing On button, click Blocks and select eMail List.

    Blocks select eMail list

  2. Once you add the block, it will appear on the right. You can click Inbox to go to the Inbox or Compose to compose a new email. If you receive a new email it will appear in the block as well.

    email block added

  3. When you compose a new email, you can add Contacts that are students in your class. You can select one of multiple of them, or click "To All" to send an email to all students.

    compose new mail select contacts

    This below is the Contacts screen. You can click "To all" to send email to all.

    select contacts or to all

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Last Updated: 1/27/16