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Typing Using Moodle HTML Editor

Whenever you create content by typing directly into the text field, Catalyst/Moodle uses an HTML editor to enable some editing functions.

HTML editor

It works mostly like a Word interface where you can make text edits. I will highlight a few features:

  1. Create a hyperlink. Select a piece of text and click on the link icon, type in or paste the link address (URL).
  2. Insert an image.
  3. See the html code.
  4. Clean up MS Word html. If you are copying and pasting text from Word, this icon is supposed to clean up weird code from Word so that the html code is cleaner and works with more browsers. However, the button does not reliably eliminate all bad code. Instead, instructors and students should save Word documents in plain text (.txt) versions before copying and pasting into Catalyst.
  5. Whenever you select a piece of text to choose text or highlight color, the color picker comes up so you can choose a color.

See more information about the HTML Editor by clicking on the Help iconHelp button whenever you have a question.

Help about HTML Editor


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Last Updated: 1/27/16