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How to use outcomes

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How to create an outcome

  1. In your course page, under Administration, click Grades, then the Outcome tab. If on a site level there are outcomes created, you can click them and add them to your course. To create an outcome for your course, click on Edit Outcomes.

    Outcome editing screen

  2. Click Add a new outcome.

    Add outome screen

  3. Fill in the information. Do NOT check the Standard box if you do not intend for this outcome to be shared across the whole site. To assign a scale, which is the method to evaluate the outcome, choose one of the standard scales. You can also use one of the custom scales or create a new scale. Click Save changes when you are done.

    Adding or editing outcome screen

How to associate outcomes with assessment items

You would create assignments, discussions, quizzes and other items in Catalyst as usual. If you don't know how to create them please refer to the main tutorial site and attend Catalyst training.
When creating these items or updating them, you will see the outcomes for the course show up. You can click one or multiple applicable outcomes to link the specific assignment or quiz to the outcomes.

Select outomes for an assignment


How to evaluate (grade) outcomes

When grading the assignment, you can grade through each assignment/quiz area by going into all student attempts. Or you can go to the Grades area to grade them. You can see the outcomes that have been selected for a certain item all show up right next to it so you can grade the outcomes quickly.

Grading outcomes in Grader report


How to report outcomes

The Grader report shows you all grades and outcomes. You can download it into an Excel format so you can conduct further analysis or research.

Export gradebook to Excel

Outcomes report gives a quick summary of just the outcomes and how the entire class have done on them.

Outcomes report

You can look at the User report and click on each individual student to see how they have done, with all the detailed grades and your comments.

User report in gradebook

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Last Updated: 1/27/16