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3C Media Solutions logoDe Anza faculty who have created instructional videos may host them for free through 3C Media Solutions, a service of the California Community Colleges. It's easy to sign up for a faculty account, upload videos and share them with students. Faculty can request the video be captioned when they upload them. There are printed and video tutorials of common tasks. Email support is also available.

Students can access the videos using unique URL's (Web addresses) that you provide to them, and you can change those addresses each quarter if you wish. 

Private-access iTunes U is no longer available after August 2015. (Public-access iTunes U, which hosts De Anza videos that are freely available to the public, will continue to be available.)


Requesting Free Captioning of Your Uploaded Videos
After uploading your videos into 3C Media, from the Media view of them select Details & Options for the first video that you need captioned. Click the link for the DECT Captioning Grant to request free captioning. Fill out the request for each of your uncaptioned videos:
  • Title: Usually pre-filled with the title you used when uploading to 3C Media, or you can enter it
  • Length of Video: (in minutes)
  • Author: Your name, if you made the video
  • Section#/CRN/Ticket: Enter the Course ID and section, then the CRN (e.g. NURS-086.-01/01752). You can ignore Ticket.
  • Term: Enter the term the video will be first used
  • Transcriber Notes: Enter any information to help the captioner identify issues that may make captioning difficult, such as specialized terminology


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