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Summer 2016 Syllabus for ICS -D011.-61Z
ICS -D011.-61Z - Ebenezer Hunter
The Roots of African-American Experience
Call Number: 00593
Term: Summer 2012
4 units
De Anza College Online Education Center • LC 107 • Phone: 408-864-8969 • FAX: 408-864-8245 •
Interdisciplinary course utilizing the award-winning docudrama, Roots: The Saga of an American Family. A historical and aesthetic analysis of people of African descent in the United States. Emphasis on the historical period before and after the Civil War.
Instructor Information: Ebenezer Hunter
Eb Hunter has a Masters degree in history and sociology. He has done research in the history of Africa, and has extensive teaching experience in the history and culture of people of African descent in the U.S. He has taught for over 40 years and has traveled throughout Africa, the Caribbean, and the United States.

Phone: 408-864-8999 x3402
Office Location: Multicultural Center
Office Hours: Monday & Wednesday 11:30 am -12:20 pm
EWRT 100B and READ 91 (or LART 100), or ESL 4 are advised.

Warning: Be prepared to spend a minimum of 12 hours per week using and studying course materials.
1. Attend the Orientation Meeting on: Monday, July 2, from 6:00 to 7:00 PM, room MCC-17 OR complete the Online Orientation and submit the Student Information Form before 12 noon on Monday, July 2. (Online Orientation may be found at: Registered students who do not attend the Orientation Meeting OR do not complete the online orientation by the deadline may be dropped to make room for students on the wait list.
2. Read the textbook and study assignments.
3. View all the video episodes of Roots.
4. Pass two midterm exams and one comprehensive final exam.
5. Selected parts of "Studying the Roots Saga" may be required for submission.

After completing the readings and viewing the video episodes, students should be able to:
1. Recall and identify the influence of geophysical conditions and cultural heritage on human life in Africa.
2. Recall and identify how the institution of slavery affected Africans, Europeans and Americans.
3. Recall and identify the universality of the human experience that permeates different cultures.
4. Recognize and interpret the value of one's cultural heritage and that of others.
5. Recognize and interpret differences between African, African-American and Anglo-American cultures in such areas as art, religion, and philosophy.
1. Haley, Alex. Roots: the Saga of an American Family. 1st ed. (paperback) Dell Publishing Co. (required).
2. Hine, Darlene, William Hine and Stanley Harrold. The African American Odyssey: Volume 1 to 1877 (paperback). Prentice-Hall. (required).
3. Hunter, Ebenezer. Studying the Roots Saga, 1st ed. Kendall/Hunt Publishing Company (required).
4. Three ParScore Answer Forms, and a #2 pencil (required). (A fourth ParScore answer form will be required if you wish to complete extra credit work.)
5. Three self-addressed stamped envelopes, for exam scores to be mailed to you (optional).
Media Availability

Video: The lessons for this course are Alex Haley�s Roots video series.

They are available from the Library West Computer Lab located on the lower level of Learning Center West (LCW). Videos can be checked out or viewed in the lab. To check out videos you must present your valid DASB card and Distance Learning Center I.D. card. The DASB card can be obtained from DASB Card Office located on the lower level of the Hinson Center (also referred to as the Campus Center). Distance Learning Center I.D. cards are available from the Distance Learning Center in LC 107.

Videos are also available for rental from many video rental outlets including Netflix.

Extra Credit
Extra Credit Points:
Points may be awarded for extra credit. More information will be provided in a future newsletter which you will receive by email sometime during the last six weeks of the quarter.

Exam Review
Attend the Lecture/Review Sessions.
The instructor reviews the course materials and helps you prepare for the examinations. Past experience has shown that students who attend these review sessions have a better grasp of the course material and score higher on their exams.
Or Listen to the Review Session Audiotapes:
The instructor has prepared an audiotape highlighting each review session. If you are unable to attend, you may listen to the tapes in the Library West Computer Lab.
Review #1: Thursday, July 5; 7:00-9:00 PM; room MCC-17 Please note that this review is on Thursday because of the July 4th holiday but all other reviews and exams will be on Wednesdays.
Review #2: Wednesday,July 18; 6:00-8:00 PM; room MCC-17
Review #3: Wednesday, August 1; 6:00-8:00 PM; room MCC-17
Since new information regarding schedule changes or other problems may be announced during these review sessions, students who do not attend may miss essential information.
Final Grade
Your final grade for the course will be posted on your MyPortal site approximately 10 days after the end of the quarter.
Testing / Grading
All exams are multiple-choice. The Final Exam is comprehensive.
Exam #1: Wednesday, July 11; 6:00-7:15 PM; room MCC-17 (Exam #1 Covers Roots: 1-55; Hines/Hines/Harrold: 1-5; Video Hours: 1-5)
Exam #2: Wednesday, July 25; 6:00-7:15 PM; room MCC-17
(Exam #2 Covers Roots: 56-105; Hines/Hines/Harrold: 6-10; Video Hours: 6-9)
Exam #3: Wednesday, August 8 ; 6:00-8:00 PM; room MCC-17. (Exam #3 Covers Roots: 1-120; Hines/Hines/Harrold: 1-13; Video Hours: 1-12)

Testing Materials: Bring one ParScore Answer Form, a photo I.D. and a #2 pencil to each exam.
Alternate Exams
NO ALTERNATE TESTING IS AVAILABLE. You must attend the three on-campus exams.

Exam Scores/Grades are not posted. Graded ParScore or Scantron Answer Sheets are returned to students at the Review Session following each exam (i.e. Exam #1 results are returned at Review #2).

If you are not able to attend the Review Session following your exam, you may pick up your graded ParScore Answer forms from the Distance Learning Center (Learning Center - room 107) on Monday of the following week after the Review.

Final Exam ParScore Answer Forms are available at the Distance Learning Center at the beginning of the following term. Please present your DASB Smart Card picture ID to the Distance Learning Center staff.

Exam Grading Standard:
A 89 - 100%
B 79 - 88%
C 68 - 78%
D 58 - 67%
F below 58%
Final Grades:
Exams #1 and #2 are worth 50 points each and the final exam is worth 100 points. Grades will be assigned according to the following:
Points Letter Grade
178-200 A
158-177 B
135-157 C
115-134 D
114 or below F
Assignments Schedule
Weekly assignments are listed below in the following order:
  • Chapters to Read in Roots by ALEX HALEY
  • Assignments to Read in the "Studying the Roots Saga" study guide (HUNTER)
  • Roots Video Episodes to View
  • Textbook Chapters to read (Hines/ Hines/Harrold)

  • Week 1: July 2
    Complete Online Orientation before the Monday, July 2, noon deadline, or attend the on-campus Orientation meeting on Monday, July 2, 7:00 PM in MCC-17.
    Roots Chapters: 1 to 20: (ends with manhood training of Kunta) 21 to 38: (ends with the slave uprising on the ship) 39 to 42: (ends with Kunta's being transported to Waller Plantation.
    Read Tips for using the Handbook Effectively.
    Study Guide: What to Watch For:
  • Episode I: The African
  • Episode II: The African pp. 36-39.
  • Mapping It Out Exercises:
    Environments,"Let's Look at Africa" and Search Cards, pp. 9-12.
    Video I: OML call # dlcv ICS11 v.1-2
    Video II: dlcv ICS 11 v.1-2
    Text ch. 1 Study Guide: What to Watch For:
  • Episode III: The Slave, pp. 40-41.
  • Mapping It Out Exercises:
    Political Map of Africa
  • Crossword Puzzle, pp. 13-14.
    Video: III dlcv ICS 11 v.3-4
    Text ch.2
    Attend Review 1 (Audiotape review available in Library West Computer Lab)

    Week 2: July 9

    Roots Chapters 43 to 50
    Study Guide:What to Watch For:
  • Episode IV: The Slave, pp. 42-44.
  • Mapping It Out Exercises:
  • English Colonies In 1763 and New England's Rich Fishing Waters, pp.17-20
    Roots Chapters: 51 to 55
    What to Watch For:
  • Episode V: The Escape, pp. 45-47.
  • Unit I Exam Review; pp. 66-69.
  • Mapping It Out Exercises:
  • Middle and Southern Colonies and Colonies Begin to Trade pp. 21-26.
    Video: IV dlcv ICS 11 v.3-4
    Text ch. 3
    Video V dlcv ICS 11 v.5-6
    Text ch. 4, 5
    Exam #1

    Week 3: July 16
    Roots Chapters 56 to 69 (ends with the naming of Kizzy by Kunta)
    What to Watch For:
  • Episode VI: The Choice, pp. 48-49.
  • Mapping It Out Exercises:
    Northwest Territory and Louisiana Purchase, pp. 27-29. Video VI dlcv ICS 11 v.5-6
    Text ch. 6, 7
    Roots Chapters 70 to 85 (ends with the rape of Kizzy by Tom Lea)
    What to Watch For:
  • Episode VII: The Uprooted, pp. 50-51.
  • Mapping It Out Exercises:
    Expansion of The United States and Trails to the West; pp. 30-33.
    Video VII dlcv ICS 11 v. 7-8
    Text ch. 8
    Attend Review #2 (Or Review Audiotape)

    Week 4: July 23
    Roots Chapters 86 to 95
    What to Watch For:
  • Episode VIII: Chicken George, pp. 52-54
  • Did You Know Section:
    Unit II Exam Review.
    Video VIII dlcv ICS 11 v. 7-8
    Text ch. 9, 10
    Roots Chapters 96 to 105
    What to Watch For:
  • Episode IX: Chicken George, pp. 55-56.
    Video IX dlcv ICS 11 v. 9-10
    Exam #2

    Week 5: July 30
    Roots Chapters 106 to 114 (ends with wagon train traveling to Tennessee)
    What to Watch For:
  • Episode X: The War
  • Episode XI: Freedom, pp. 57-61.
  • Did You Know Section:
    Unit III pp. 75-77.
    Video X dlcv ICS 11 v. 9-10
    Video XI dlcv ICS 11 v. 11-12
    Text ch. 11, 12
    Roots Chapters 115 to 120
    What to Watch For:
  • Episode XII: Freedom, pp. 62-63.
  • Review Units 1-3 Notes.
    Video XII dlcv ICS 11 v. 11-12
    Text ch. 13
    Attend Review #3 (Or Review Audiotape)

    Week 6: August 6
    Final Exam

  • Cheating
    Policy on Copying and Cheating:Students who submit the work of others as their own or cheat on exams or other assignments will receive a failing grade in the course and will be reported to college authorities.
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