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Summer 2016 Syllabus for BUS -D058.-62Z
BUS -D058.-62Z - Oduro 'Tach' Takyi
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Term: Fall 2012
4 units
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Effectively organize the resources required to establish a new business and obtain financing by writing an analysis of the prospective business enterprise.
Instructor Information: Oduro 'Tach' Takyi
Contact Information
Email Address:
Telephone: (510) 684-8960

Bachelor of Laws (LL.B. Hons.) and an MBA Degree in Business Administration

Teaching Experience
Instructor at De Anza College since Fall 1984
Classes taught at De Anza: Introduction to Small Business, The Business Plan, Business Communication and The Loan Application Process
Taught the following courses at University of Phoenix: Financial Analysis for Managers, Research & Evaluation, and Business Research Applications

Industry work experience:
Principal Consultant for almost two decades, Boardroom Planning Group. Written and reviewed numerous Business Plans of aspiring entrepreneurs seeking funding in both the private and public sectors in the Silicon Valley and throughout the State of California.

Also worked as a Learning Consultant for The Permanente Medical Group of Kaiser Permanente.

Phone: 510-684-8960
Office Location: N/A
Office Hours: Can schedule Chat Sessions for students on the Catalyst
You will be required to select a business idea/concept to
fully complete a business plan.

Throughout the term you must be ready to discuss your plan
on a pace that replicates our journey through the book. For
example, upon completion of Chapter 3-Feasibility Analysis,
you must be prepared to complete the worksheets that are
included in Appendix 3.1. In this way, as we move through
the term, you will build your plan progressively until the
final document is completed.

One of the most effective ways for you to experience
entrepreneurship is to experience it through a hands-on
approach. In this course you are expected to interact with
members of the business community, faculty and other
resources you will find necessary to complete your business

Students who plagiarize, submit the work of others as their
own, or cheat on exams will receive an "F" in the course and
will be reported to college authorities. For more
information, see the Student Handbook PowerPoint
presentation on Academic Integrity.
By the end of the course, the student should be able to:

  • Identify the reasons for writing a Business Plan.

  • Recognize the importance of developing and screening
    business ideas.

  • Conduct a Feasibility Analysis.

  • Identify and evaluate the key components of an Industry.

  • Identify and evaluate the key components of a Market.

  • Identify and evaluate the key components of a Marketing

  • Understand the importance of the Management Team and the
    Company structure.

  • Demonstrate the ability to identify business risks and
    prepare contingency plans.

  • Identify and evaluate the key components of an
    Operations Plan.

  • Identify the critical components of a Financial Plan.

  • Prepare a compelling Executive Summary for the Business

  • Prepare for and deliver an Effective Business Plan

Bruce R. Barringer, Preparing Effective Business Plans: An
Entrepreneurial Approach, Pearson Prentice Hall, 2009
Written Assignments
Business Plan Assignment

  1. Business Plan idea: By the end of the second week of the
    term, you are required to come up with the business
    idea/concept for your proposed business.

  2. Feasibility Analysis: Conduct a Feasibility Analysis
    during the third week.The deliverable for this section will
    be completion of Appendix 3.1 from your text. Instructor
    will provide you with an electronic template of Appendix

  3. Written Plan & Presentation: From weeks 4-11, you will
    actually start writing your business plan. The Plan is a
    carefully prepared, cohesive document that contains a
    comprehensive analysis of the business that reflects the
    considerations of customers and competitors as well as the
    viewpoints of the investors and the entrepreneur. The Plan
    should provide a framework for the systematic and
    comprehensive evaluation of the business idea that will
    enable the owner/manager to take an objective and critical
    view of the entire business. The plan should help the
    owner/manager deal with uncertainties, evaluate risks, and
    prepare contingencies enabling them to
    anticipate events, rather than react to them.

Additional Information
Note to Students with Disabilities: If you have a
disability-related need for reasonable academic
accommodations or services in this course, provide (name of
Instructor) with a Test Accommodation Verification Form
(also known as a TAV form) from Disability Support Services
(DSS) or the Educational Diagnostic Center (EDC). Students
are expected to give five days notice of the need for
accommodations. Students with disabilities can obtain a TAV
form from their DSS counselor (864-8753 DSS main number) or
EDC advisor (864-8839 EDC main number).

Testing / Grading
Midterm Exam 100 points 20%

Final Exam 100 points 20%

Weekly Individual
Assignments 100 points 20%

Business Plan:

Presentation Idea 20 points 4%

Feasibility Analysis 50 points 10%

Final Plan Presentation 50 points 10%

Final Written Plan 80 points 16%

Total Business Plan Points: 200 points 40%

Overall Total Possible Points: 500 points 100%
450-500 A+

425-449 A

400-424 A-

375-399 B+

350-374 B

325-349 B-

300-324 C+

275-299 C

250-274 D+

225-249 D

0-224 F

Policy on Copying and Cheating:Students who submit the work of others as their own or cheat on exams or other assignments will receive a failing grade in the course and will be reported to college authorities.
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This course utilizes Catalyst, De Anza's Online Learning Community. Please view the Catalyst website at to login. Please note that you will be unable to login until the first day of class. Be sure you are using your correct username and password - do not use your social security number or international "99" number. If you need help logging in or finding your student ID, please view the short instructional video at: Additional instructions and assistance can be found on the Catalyst website.
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