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Spring 2016 Syllabus for CIS -D031.-63Z
CIS -D031.-63Z - Arthur Linn
CIS - D031.-63Z
Call Number: 448
Term: Winter 2013
5 units
Concepts and use of operating systems: multiprogramming and multiprocessing systems; processes and threads, mutual exclusion, indefinite postponement, deadlocks; scheduling considerations and security management.
Instructor Information: Arthur Linn
Have been in the IT Profession for over 30 years. Have been teaching part-time at De Anza College for 30 years in the evening. Have been on mainframes, mini's, PCs. Know quite a few programming languages. Know 3 database models - was a DBA and DA for about 4 years. Developed my own software - 2 examples: myChurch (a complete web based application for churches written in PHP, JavaScript, and some Visual Basic with mySQL database); Winstart (a Visual Basic application which starts any programs on scheduled basis). Enjoy teaching software engineering concepts to students with a thirst to learn more.

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Office Hours: Depeninding upon Quarter - Check MyPortal for Day/Times
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