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Summer 2016 Syllabus for MUSI-D001A-61Z
MUSI-D001A-61Z - Loren Tayerle
Introduction to Music
Call Number: 721
Term: Summer 2013
4 units
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Methods of understanding music available in modern culture, listening techniques, use of fundamental concepts including form, style, musical media, and textures. Acquaintance with examples from various eras and cultures.
Instructor Information: Loren Tayerle
LOREN TAYERLE, is director of Orchestral Studies at De Anza College where he conducts the De Anza Chamber Orchestra and teaches music history. Loren also leads an active career as both a period instrument specialist and modern hornist. Loren has performed with numerous period groups including Philharmonia and Portland Baroque Orchestras, Mercury the “Orchestra Redefined” of Houston, American Bach Soloists and was a member of the Carmel Bach Festival Orchestra for 27 years. As a modern hornist Loren is a member of the Berkeley and Marin Symphonies and has performed with the San Francisco Symphony, San Francisco Opera and San Francisco Ballet Orchestras. Loren is an active chamber musician and recitalist and in 2010 was invited to perform at the Tokyo School of Music and in 2011 performed recitals in Tokyo, Yokohama and Nagano with pianist Machiko Kolbialka. Loren received a Masters degree in Conducting and a Bachelor’s of Music in horn performance from the San Francisco Conservatory of Music.

Office Location: Location A-31
Office Hours: Thursdays, 6:00-6:50 PM

Be prepared to spend about 20 hours each week – listening to course materials and working on assignments. It is the student’s responsibility to log on to the online classroom. It is the student’s responsibility to drop the class. The teacher will not drop you no matter what because of the assignment schedule for the class.

COURSE DESCRIPTION: The Study of the History of Western Music. This study will include an overview of music throughout the world, the language of music, European Classical music through the works of Ludwig van Beethoven.


Office Telephone: Please use email.
Email Address:
The class site is located at

No office hours during the summer. I might set up Skype for conferences if students want.
The Study of the History of Western Music through the music of Beethoven.

1. Two Concert Reports on classical music concerts of a collegiate or professional group you attend during the quarter are required. These must be live performances approved by the instructor. A link will be provided to turn in each assignment. MS Word and PDF files are the only format accepted. I will try to present a concert for you on campus at a very low cost the first week of August. We will be studying the works to be presented so please attend this concert for your second report if
you live close enough and can attend. Tickets will be sold at the door the evening of the concert.
2. Two tests and a comprehensive final will be given.
3. Quizzes on reading and listening assignments will be given. A majority of the quizzes will be timed multiple choice exercises online.
4. All tests and quizzes will be conducted online. For quizzes and tests you are given from three days to a week to complete the assignment. A link will be provided to turn in each assignment. MS Word and PDF files are the only format accepted. For the tests, concert report and final you are graded on spelling, grammar and following instructions. Incomplete work will be graded accordingly.
5. Expect some elements of this course to evolve as we all learn to use the wealth of online resources effectively. (test and quiz times and dates may be changed)
6. Technical problems with computer hardware must be reported to the instructor immediately.
7. Students are urged log on to the online classroom frequently.
8. Students can attend concerts and write concert reports, write book reports or movie reviews using the formats posted in the class room web site for extra credit. Students may do as many extra credit assignments as they chose but extra credit can only raise the final grade by one grade point.
9. Email me directly if you want to discuss grades during the quarter, or if you want to know your grade point average.

NOTE: EMAILS MAY NOT BE ANSWERED IMMEDIATELY. I will make every effort to return emails within three days. All communication with the teacher will be done by email or in person
during the office hour. Emails must always include a full name. Check the class web site daily for frequently asked questions. If you don’t get a reply - don’t give up - try again, be persistent and polite.
There is no text required for this class.
You must however subscribe to The cost is $19.95 – this gives you access to 5000 CDs for one year.
Media Availability
Additional Information
Policy on Copying and Cheating: Students who submit the work of others as their own or cheat on exams or other assignments will receive a failing grade in the course and will be reported to college authorities (In accordance with the De Anza College Board Policy cheating and copyright laws will be strictly enforced and could lead to dismissal from college.)
Testing / Grading
For the tests, concert reports and final students are graded on content, spelling, grammar and following instructions. Papers should be proofread for spelling and grammar errors. Incomplete work will be graded accordingly. Written work will also be graded for evidence of the following:
1. Adherence to the topic assigned.
2. Thinking beyond the obvious.
3. Clarity and quality of presentation.
Late work will be penalized.

Typically quizzes are posted on the web site the Friday that week. There may or may not be a quiz
posted on test weeks.
Approximate Test Dates: Test 1–7/18, Test 2–7/30
Week 1.Symphony #1 selecting your concerts, Symphony #2 “Genre”
Week 2, Symphony #3 “Instruments” , Symphony #4 “Form”
Week 3, Symphony #5 “Revolution”, Symphony #6 “The Program”
Week 4, Symphony #7 “Sonata” - Symphony #8 –
Week 5, Fidelio - Opera -
Week 6, Symphony #9 - There aren’t many 10th symphonies -
100-90% = A
89-80% = B
79-70% = C
69-60% = D
59- 0% = F
TWO TESTS (20, 10%) = 30% (Lowest Test Grade counts 10%)
Concert Reports = 40%
Final = 20%
Quizzes = 10%
Policy on Copying and Cheating:Students who submit the work of others as their own or cheat on exams or other assignments will receive a failing grade in the course and will be reported to college authorities.
De Anza College Library Services are available for all students and faculty, both on and off campus. Please consult the library website for a complete description of the library services and hours:

De Anza College Library:

Services of particular interest to off campus students include:
  • Access to the Library Catalog which includes books, DVDs, and course reserves. Here is a link to the library catalog:
    Library Catalog:
  • Article Databases and Research Databases The library subscribes to several electronic databases which provide access to thousands of full-text journals, newspapers, and magazine articles. Research databases include: LEXIS NEXIS Academic, Encyclopedia Britannica Online and a Practice Test Database which contains Nursing Exams, TOEFL Preparation, College Entrance Exams, and many more.
To use the article or research databases from an off campus computer, log in with your 14 digit library number or eight digit student id number. These instructions are repeated on the first page of the library website along with descriptions of all the online resources provided.

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