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Summer 2016 Syllabus for MCNC-D076M.61Z
MCNC-D076M.61Z - Derek Goodwin
Call Number: 10531
Term: Summer 2013
4.5 units
Advanced Mastercam; complex surfacing for milling machines and contouring surfaces for lathes. Tooling, workflow and programming for horizontal machining centers.
Manufacturing and CNC 76B-E. (The appropriate Manufacturing and CNC 76 courses with an B-E designation will be assigned as a prerequisite to the coordinating Manufacturing and CNC courses with a L-Q designation.)
Instructor Information: Derek Goodwin
Welcome to Advanced Mastercam Multi-Axis.

In this class you will learn how to program CNC Machines using Multi_Axis components such as Rotary Axis Indexing on a Vertical
The coursework consists of Instructional videos that are to be viewed online.

The instructor is available via email and chat to help with questions.
Students are expected to complete 10 programming assignments in Mastercam that will be turned in for grading.

Topics covered include:
� Rotary Axis Indexing on the Vertical Machine
� Rotary Axis Indexing on the Horizontal Machine
� Five Axis Indexing
� Five Axis Multi-axis
� Fixture Design
� CNC Lathe and Live Tooling
For information contact Derek Goodwin at
This is a pure online class. All communications, tests, quizzes and assignments are online. Online/distance learning classes require a more disciplined student. The class may be more convenient, but it is not easier. Expect some elements of this course to evolve as we all learn to use the wealth of online resources effectively. Test and quiz dates are not written in stone. Please be patient for email responses, though most are returned the same day. I hope you enjoy the class.

Hours of Study

Be prepared to spend a minimum of 12 hours per week using and studying the course

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