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Summer 2016 Syllabus for ICS -D011.-64Z
ICS -D011.-64Z - Tamika Brown
The Roots of African-American Experience
Call Number: 42133
Term: Spring 2014
4 units
De Anza College Online Education Center • LC 107 • Phone: 408-864-8969 • FAX: 408-864-8245 •
Interdisciplinary course utilizing the award-winning docudrama, Roots: The Saga of an American Family. A historical and aesthetic analysis of people of African descent in the United States. Emphasis on the historical period before and after the Civil War.
Instructor Information: Tamika Brown
My research interests include: African American 20th & 21st History and the social stratification of disempowered ethnic and minority groups in the U.S.

Phone: 408 219-6244
Office Location: TBA
Office Hours: Thursdays 1pm -7pm via cell phone and by appointment
EWRT 100B and READ 91 (or LART 100), or ESL 4 are advised.

Warning: Be prepared to spend a minimum of 9-12 hours per week using
and studying course materials.

Student Learning Outcomes- students will be able to:
•Analyze the historical relationship between Africans and Western Europeans and
North American Slavery
•Define key concepts such as race, ethnicity, culture, class, and explain how
such concepts function within the context of American racism
•Demonstrate the ability to think, speak, and write intelligently and critically
about the one’s ancestor and ethnic identity

Frederick Douglass, Narrative of the Life of Frederick Douglass (1845)
Kolchin, Peter, American Slavery 1619-1877
Haley, Alex, Roots: The Saga of an American Family, 1st ed. (paperback) Dell
Publishing Co.
Extra Credit

Exam Review

Final Grade
Your final grade for the course will be posted on your MyPortal site
approximately 10 days after the end of the quarter.
Additional Information
Class Participation: All students are expected to engage in respectful and
considerate debate in the on-line discussions. The environment will stimulate
you to think for yourself, challenge paradigms and raise critical questions. We
will maintain a healthy environment by not insulting your peers and/or using
abusive or harsh language.
Testing / Grading
Examinations: Quizzes will be based on chapter readings. The final exam will
include questions from book readings, textbook readings, and film (PBS on-line
streaming videos).

Exam Scores/Grades are not posted. Graded ParScore Answer Sheets are
returned to students at the Review Session following each exam (i.e. Exam #1
results are returned at Review #2).

If you are not able to attend the
Review Session following your exam, you may pick up your graded ParScore
Answer forms from the Distance Learning Center (Learning Center - room
107) on Monday of the following week after the Review.

Final Exam
ParScore Answer Forms are available at the Distance Learning Center at the
beginning of the following term. Please present your DASB Smart Card picture
ID to the Distance Learning Center staff.

Exam Grading Standard:
A 89 - 100%
B 79 - 88%
C 68 - 78%
D 58 - 67%
F below 58%
Course Evaluation:
Discussion Forum 30%
Midterm 10%
Chapter Reflection Questions 30%
Personal Narrative 10%
Final Exam 20%
Assignments Schedule
Week Topics Readings Activity
Week 1 Introduction to course Youtube films Class discussion forums
Film: Slavery in America
View all 4 parts and respond to chapter review questions

Week 2
Origins of North American Slavery P. Kolchin
Pg. 3-27 Respond to chapter review questions

Week 3
The Colonial Era P. Kolchin
Pg. 28 - 62
Youtube: Tim Wise
Class discussion forum

Week 4
The American Revolution P. Kolchin
Pg. 63-92 Respond to chapter review questions

Week 5
Frederick Douglas Narrative
Chapters 1-11 Midterm
Class discussion forum

Week 6
The White South P. Kolchin
Pg. 169-199

Week 7
Film: Slavery by Another Name
Film: The New Jim Crow
Class discussion forum

Week 8
Introduction to Roots and Alex Haley
Youtube: Alex Haley
Personal Reflection Paper

Week 9
Roots Chapters 40-70 Youtube: clips from Roots
Class discussion forum

Week 10
Roots Chapters 71-90 Respond to chapter review questions

Week 11
Roots Chapters 91-118
Class discussion forum

Week 12
Final Exam Final
The Final Exam will require students to view at least 1 part of the 7 part series of
the film Saga Roots. Please start early to locate the film in public libraries,
DeAnza College, Itunes, Nexflix or Blockbusters. You will be asked to view and
write a narrative on the film content (i.e. what happened, describe major scenes
and characters etc.) and compare the events in the film to the book “Roots”.
Policy on Copying and Cheating:Students who submit the work of others as their own or cheat on exams or other assignments will receive a failing grade in the course and will be reported to college authorities.
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LWCL Location
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Catalyst Information
This course utilizes Catalyst, De Anza's Online Learning Community. Please view the Catalyst website at to login. Please note that you will be unable to login until the first day of class. Be sure you are using your correct username and password - do not use your social security number or international "99" number. If you need help logging in or finding your student ID, please view the short instructional video at: Additional instructions and assistance can be found on the Catalyst website.
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