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Summer 2016 Syllabus for BUS -D059.-61Z
BUS -D059.-61Z - Gary Niedermier
Promoting Your Small Business
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Term: Summer 2014
5 units
Affordable methods of promotion for small businesses. Emphasis on Internet marketing, public relations, relationship marketing, database marketing, and guerrilla marketing tactics. A promotion plan for the students' (existing or planned) businesses will be developed.
Instructor Information: Gary Niedermier
Prerequisites - none
This course focuses on methods of promotion for small businesses. Students will examine various elements of eMarketing including public relations, relationship marketing, database marketing, search engine marketing, etc.
Each student will develop a promotion plan for an existing or planned business. By the end of the course, students whould be able to:
- Summarize the ways that customers bring value to your firm and describe the characteristicsd of the most valuable customers.
- Apply the marketing concept to appeal to your target market.
- Design a plan for relationship building with customers, and predict customer response.
- Describe the benefits of event marketing for a business.
- Demonstrate how companies can gain the attention of the press.
- Examine a business situation and apply e-marketing tools to improve the customers experience and the firm's presence on the web.
- Illustrate how firms build and use marketing databases.
- Assess, select and justify marketing communications tactics best suited to your business.
E-Book Text: eMarketing, Rob Stokes and the Minds of Quirk: The Essential Guide to Online Marketing. New York; Flat World Knowledge, Inc. One Bridge Street, Irvington, NY 10533. to find your textbook online go to:
or simply go to amd plug in my name (Gary Niedermier), or Bus 59 or De Anza college and that should take you to the home page for the text.
You will have several choices of service levels to choose from and pay for; I believe most students choose either the least expensive or second to least expensive level and that has proved adequate. The choice however is yours.
Written Assignments
Reading and Review: each week you will have chapter readings from the e-book. You should read the assigned chapters and analyze the "key takeaways" following each section. The takeaways will help your thought process in identifying the types of promotion you may want to use depending upon your overall marketing strategy. The exercises should also get you thinking in an analytical mode. Incorporate the exercises along with the key takeaways to create a "way of thinking" about how to promote a product and Brand.

There are Case Studies at the end of most of the required reading. You will be asked to post to the proper Forum answers to review questions pertinent to each Case study. Submitting your answers says that you have analyzed the Case study and completes the assignment. You receive a check mark for each submission completed.

Promotion Plan: Over the course, you will work on a Promotion plan for an existing or planned business. This major project is broken into four deliverables. You will produce a:

-Business Overview: 1 page (approx.),due by the end of week 2. It should be a high end description of the marketplace and market trend, your product and how you intend to distribute your product to the end user.

-Customer Analysis: 1 page (approx.), due by the end of week 3. What does your target customer look like demographically: age range, education, income level, etc. What are the customer's needs? What will he/she pay for? How do they think? How do they react to various marketing stimulus?

- Draft Plan: Due by the end of Week 5. The draft plan should contain all of the major "bones" of key features that support the overall marketing plan, i.e. the tactical moves you will put into play. (the draft plan is the section I will review and give you my comments and suggestions which you may or may not choose to incorporate into your final plan.)

- Final Plan: Due by the end of Week 6 ( points graded by instructor)
Exam Review
Exams: There will be three exams during the course. the exams will be based on the material from the text. The lowest score will be dropped from the calculation of your grade. If for any reason you miss an exam, then that will be the one that is dropped. the schedule is as follows:
Exam # 1 - covers chapter's 19, 18, 17, 16.
Exam # 2 - covers chapter's 13, 11, 10, 8.
Exam # 3 - covers chapter's 7, 6, 5, 4.
Exam Notes
Tips for Success: Here are some of the ways that you can enhance your knowledge in this class. Please take advantage of them:
- Complete the required reading prior to taking the exam. Don't try to "wing it".
- Make certain to schedule your work so that you can complete tqasks on time.
- When you don't understand something, post a question in the "Q&A Forum".
Final Grade
Your evaluation in this course will be divided between your two best scoring exams out of a total of three, your final Promotion Plan submission and the Case Study assignments submitted.
Additional Information
There are sound bytes included for most of the chapters as a way to help you focus. Links to marketing sites with helpful information are provided as well. Take the time to explore them and see what makes sense to import into your own plan.
Assignments Schedule
Lesson Plan:
Week 1 - Chaps: 18, 19 & 17 - Marketing Research, eMarketing Strategy and Customer Relationship Management
Week 2 - Chaps: 16 & 13 - Mobile Marketing and Web Site Development and Design
Week 3 - Chaps: 11 & 10 - Online Reputation Management and Viral Marketing
Week 4 - Chaps: 8 & 7 - Social Media and Pay Per Click Advertising
Week 5 - Chaps: 5 & 6 - Search Engine Marketing and Search Engine Optimization
Week 6 - Chap. 4 - Affiliate Marketing and Course Wrap-Up

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