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Summer 2016 Syllabus for PSYC-D014.-61Z
PSYC-D014.-61Z - Mark Healy
Call Number: 00923
Term: Summer 2014
4 units
Interaction of the physical, social, gender role, cognitive and personality development across the life span.
Instructor Information: Mark Healy
Mark Healy has taught in De Anza’s Psychology Department since 2004. Previously, he taught in the Management & Finance Department at CSU Hayward (East Bay) and the University of Akron (Ohio) as a Graduate Teaching Assistant, first facilitating courses in 1992. In addition, he is a Founding Faculty Member for Palo Alto University’s BS in Psychology & Social Action (PSA) program. He helped PAU and Dr. Paul Marcille deploy both that program and the Business Psychology BS program, and has taught every student in the PSA program since its inception in 2006. Now as a Full-Time Instructor at De Anza, Mark continues to teach statistics and research methods and General Psychology in the Psychology Department, as well as the Distance Learning version of Developmental Psychology.

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